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Outlander Season 7 Teaser: Charles Vandervaart To Join The Cast

William Vandervaart joins season 7 of Outlander
Charles Vandervaart will play older version of William Ransom [Image @charles_vandervaart/Instagram]

While season 7 of Outlander is currently in production, the news is already out about a new addition to the cast of the Starz series. The network recently announced that Charles Vandervaart will play an older version of William Ransom. Known for his work in Lost in Space and The Craft: Legacy, the actor will play Jamie’s biological son in the upcoming seventh season.

What we know about Outlander season 7

As Outlander fans can imagine, William Ransom has significantly aged since the last time he was seen on the show. In fact, William is now a young man, preparing to fight with the British Army. News is that Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) son William will be played by Charles Vandervaart (Lost in Space, The Craft: Legacy). Jamie’s biological son first appeared in season 3 of the Outlander, now his grown-up version is set to appear on the show.

Outlander [Image @outlander_starz/Instagram]

Matthew B. Roberts, showrunner, writer and executive producer, recently made a statement about the new addition to the show. “We are happy to welcome Charles to the Fraser family for season seven of Outlander.” He added that Vandervaart will join the cast of talented actors in bringing their stories to life.

“Scotland will again be our production home as the Frasers and MacKenzies try to make a home against the backdrop of the Revolutionary War. This season promises more adventure, time travel, and emotional peril than any season before,” he added.

Deadline quotes executive producer Maril Davis as saying William Ransom’s character is a “wonderful role” and one that fans are eager to see. Davis said it was a daunting task to find someone with the “talent and physicality” to play Jamie’s son. However, she said that Charles’ charisma was clear in the audition process. Davis added that they are excited to see what the actor will bring to William’s journey.

What to expect from season 7

William, the ninth Earl of Ellesmere, was raised by his stepfather, Lord John Grey (David Berry). Season 7 will see William arriving in Wilmington, excited to join the British army. Moreover, he is keen to stop the escalating tensions in the American Colonies. While William is Jamie Fraser’s biological son, he doesn’t know this fact. Meanwhile, the ninth Earl of Ellesmere may seem to be a courteous aristocrat, but in reality, he is full of Highland fire.

Outlander on Starz
Outlander [Image @outlander_starz/Instagram]

Currently, the release date for season 7 of Outlander is unknown. However, keep up with Once Upon a Maritime for more news.

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