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Kevin Costner Teases Yellowstone Possibilities for Season 5

Kevin Costner Teases Yellowstone Possibilities for Season 5

During an Upfront presentation, in New York City on Wednesday, Yellowstone star Kevin Costner teased new developments for Season 5.

The Yellowstone series has been a juggernaut of success and season 5 doesn’t look like it will be slowing it down at all. On the red carpet, Kevin Costner feigned ignorance when asked for specifics but did assure fans that modern-western drama was not letting off the accelerator. Continue reading and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Yellowstone – Season 5 Moving in ‘Right Direction’

The Let Him Go star told Pop Culture, as well as other media sources on the red carpet, “I feel like the foot is still gas down on the gas pedal, so it’s holding up the way the first four seasons did, so I was really happy about that.”

Costner was asked about John Dutton’s potential run for governor, but the Prince of Thieves star held his tongue on the subject, suggesting instead, that fans need to watch the show to find out. Costner said that, after reading Taylor Sheridan’s script for Yellowstone, Season 5, he was confident that the popular drama was going in the “right direction.”

Yellowstone – Despite 2-year Production Lag Cast Remains Familiar

As someone that has spent many years working in Hollywood, Costner explained that it’s not only difficult to “catch a high point” in a given project, but also to remain there. “I think the writing is really staying at a level that’s important,” he said.

Though production for Season 5 didn’t begin until two years after Season 4, Costner explained that everyone was so familiar with each other that it seemed as if no time had passed. “There’s so much of it that’s familiar and the writing picks up where we left off, so it didn’t take a lot to step back in and to understand it,” he said.

Yellowstone – When to Expect Season 5 and More

When asked what his favorite part of playing John Dutton was, Costner answered simply, “He gets to be outside and get on the horse,” which isn’t a surprise as the actor has starred in and directed movies like Dances with Wolves, The Postman, and Open Range to name a few.

Expect Yellowstone, Season 5 on your television on Sunday, Nov. 13 at 7 PM CST. You can also expect the first episode of Taylor Sheridan’s new series Tulsa King, featuring Sylvester Stallone, to debut immediately after Yellowstone.

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