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Grey’s Anatomy Star Kevin McKidd Hopes For Sandra Oh Return

Kevin McKidd & Sandra Oh of Grey;s Anatomy
Kevin McKidd @therealkmckidd Sandra Oh @iamsandraohinsta


Many fans of Grey’s Anatomy miss Sandra Oh’s character, Dr. Cristina Yang and it turns out at least one of the cast members does too.

It was a sad day for Grey’s Anatomy fans when Sandra Oh left the popular medical show. Many would love to see her return as Dr. Cristina Yang and they aren’t alone. It seems Kevin McKidd, who plays Dr. Owen Hunt, would also love to see her back on the show.

Kevin McKidd of Grey’s Anatomy on Sandra Oh

Kevin McKidd recently said that every time he sees Sandra Oh he is always *needling her.” “Come on, come on. Just one,” McKidd, 48, said of a hoped return of Cristina Yang.

On Thursday, the actor opened up to People about the one cast member he would love to make a return to Grey Sloan Memorial, even if it’s just for one episode.

“I would love – and I always say it – I would love Sandra Oh to come back,” McKidd said. However, he doesn’t think Oh will return, as she keeps saying she won’t. But that doesn’t stop him from “needling her.” Kevin added, that maybe, one day she’ll say yes.

McKidd spoke to People at the Grey’s Anatomy 400th Episode Celebration in Hollywood. He did say he thinks there is a way to get Sandra to do one more episode. However, Kevin explained that she really is an artist and “when she moves on, she moves on.” Meanwhile, he said this isn’t due to any bad feeling; it is just that Oh has moved on.

McKidd did add that he and Sandra are “really good friends,” adding jokingly, “So Sandra, I’m coming for you.”

Sandra Oh as Dr. Cristina Yang

Grey’s Anatomy fans will recall that Oh, 50, plays Dr. Cristina Yang, who was married to Kevin’s character, Dr. Owen Hunt. She starred in the series for the first 10 seasons before deciding to leave in 2013. Her performance in the role nabbed Sandra her first Golden Globe Award, along with five Emmy nominations.

Meanwhile, on the Los Angeles Times’ podcast, Asian enough, Sandra was asked about the possibility of reprising her role. She explained that she left Grey’s Anatomy almost seven years ago, so in her mind, “it’s gone.” However, she noted that for a lot of people, it is still alive, and while she understands that and loves it, she has moved on. Oh said she does love it and this is why she appreciates the show and the fact that she still gets asked this.

Grey’s Anatomy airs on ABC on Thursdays at 9 pm EST.

Readers, would you love Sandra Oh to return to Grey’s Anatomy, even in a cameo? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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