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Cobra Kai, Season 5: New Trailer Teases New ‘Karate Kid’ Rivalry

Cobra Kai, Season 5: New Trailer Teases New ‘Karate Kid’ Rivalry

A new trailer for Cobra Kai, Season 5, teases a new dream rivalry between Chozen from Karate Kid II and Karate Kid III’s Terry Silver.
In the teaser for the new season of Cobra Kai, an exchange between Chozen and Terry Silver teases a new rivalry between the two villains from the Karate Kid franchise. Continue reading and we’ll fill in the blanks for you.

Cobra Kai Spoilers: Daniel and Chozen Set the Stage

Though the two Karate Kid villains have never met, the new trailer for Cobra Kai is teasing conflict between the pair in upcoming episodes. Fans will recall that, at the end of season 4, an exchange between Chozen and Daniel set the stage for an alliance between the pair in a fight against the Karate Kid III antagonist Terry Silver.

Originally brought on the set as a guest star, in Cobra Kai season 3, when Daniel took a trip to Japan, it now seems that the brief appearance was setting the stage for Chozen to become an integral element for season 5.

Can Daniel Stop Silver?

Now that Chozen has arrived in the Valley, it becomes clear that Cobra Kai showrunners have plans for the Karate Kid villain, at least for the duration of season 5, if not more. While the alliance between the original Karate Kid antagonist, Johnny Lawrence, served its purpose, it was unable to stop Silver, who cheated in order to win the All-Valley Karate Tournament championship.

As Daniel’s need to stop Silver has not waned, expect to see him and Johnny collaborating again in season 5, and expect them to be joined by Chozen. As it seems that both Chozen and Silver are superior to Johnny, Daniel, and Kreese when it comes to fighting, a collaboration with Chozen would seem to be the only way to stop Silver.

Cobra Kai, Season 5: New Trailer Teases New ‘Karate Kid’ Rivalry

Cobra Kai Spoilers: Does Daniel Have Plans for Chozen?

Since Cobra Kai has not established who is superior between the two former Karate Kid villains, fans are expecting that a fight between the two will be staged in season 5 to sort it out. As Silver has bested three of the show’s sanseis, the prevailing theory is that Chozen will be the key to taking him down.

Judging from the end of the fourth season of Cobra Kai, it also seems that is what Daniel is thinking. Chozen is a much more savage fighter than Daniel but the two share completely different martial arts disciplines.

And, though there is no doubt that Chozen would be integral in a fight with Silver, it will be interesting to see how it all pans out. Expect Cobra Kai Season 5 to be available on September 9 and return here often for more spoilers, news, and updates.

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