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Blue Bloods Season 13 – Everything We Know!


CBS has renewed Blue Bloods for season 13 after what felt like a nail biting wait. With a number of networks cancelling a slew of shows, some fans were worried CBS might not renew the crime series that follows the Reagan family and their jobs in law enforcement.

Season 12 Finale Sets Up Exciting Stories To Come

As season 12 came to an exciting close on May 13, fans are already wondering when filming on Blue Bloods season 13 will begin in New York. Typically the CBS Network does not announce when their shows begin filming, but it is typical occurrence for the stars of the series to announce the start of filming.

Bridget Moynahan, who fans know best as Erin Reagan, often shares interesting things in regards to the show on her Instagram. From celebrating the show’s renewal to reminding viewers about new episodes, fans will know as soon as season 13 filming is set to begin from the long time actress.

In anticipation for a whole new season of stories and drama following the show’s renewal, the show runners set up an exciting season 2 finale of Blue Bloods. It looks like Erin will campaign to become the next District Attorney after all. If she lands the position her and Frank (Tom Selleck) are sure to butt heads in the new season with his job as  the Police Commissioner.

When Will Filming Begin On Season  13?

Spoiler alert! Also seen in the season ender was Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) adopting a child. There is sure to be some exciting scenes between her and the baby with Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg). Also set to be explored in season 13, Henry Reagan sad diagnosis of prostate cancer diagnosis.

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed by show runners, Blue Bloods is likely to film this coming summer in New York. The show will most likely premiere season 13 sometime this coming fall in September or October.

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