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Big Brother Spoilers: Season 24 Tidbits And Some Exciting News


Big Brother

Big Brother season 24 spoilers and updates tease that the new and highly anticipated season is back this summer. Rumors are a buzz in fan groups that the series will return on June 29th or July 6th of this year, but the network has yet to make any formal announcements. Also, no cast has been revealed and no alums are expected to return. In season 23, the prize awarded went up to $750,000, hopefully for the new season 24 cast, the amount stays the same at that new higher level. The $ 50,000 second-place prize is now $75,000 and America’s Favorite Houseguest prize of $25,000 was increased to $50,000. Typically the show premieres in its usual Wednesday spot, then it moves to Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Big Brother Spoilers – Exciting News

Bayleigh Dayton and Christopher Swaggy C Williams met in the twentieth season of Big Brother. From the start, the two were inseparable. Swaggy was evicted early on in the game ad Bayleigh tried her best to continue on, but she found it very difficult without her “ride or die” soulmate, Swaggy. During their time together, Bayleigh got pregnant but sadly miscarried in the jury house where she was the first member. On finale night, Swaggy proposed to Bayleigh and she accepted. The couple went on to get married on February 17, 2019.

Now, almost four years after Bayleigh suffered a miscarriage, the couple announced they are expecting another child together and fans couldn’t be happier. Swaggy shared the news, “To have a baby coming in GENERAL… is a blessing, but to have a baby with my favorite person in the universe? It makes it even better.” Bayleigh is in her third trimester and even though they were going to keep the pregnancy under wraps, they have decided to tell the world.

Bayleigh Dayton and Christopher Swaggy C Williams

Big Brother Updates – Big Brother 24 House Theme

BB fans are really excited about the new season and are contemplating what the new theme of the house will be, “I’m envisioning something like the Luxor Las Vegas when it opened in the 90s. if only they could remodel the house into a pyramid shape,“ and “They’re gonna reuse a theme probably. They had the same one for 12, 17, and 23. 9 and 21 had practically the same one too. Their most creative house by far was BB8, another fairytale would be cool,” and “Asylum theme would be dope.”

Season 20 with the cyber look was really cool, Or, maybe they can do a throwback theme and take the new houseguests back to the basics.

What do you think a new theme should be? Are you looking forward to season 24 as much as we are?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Big Brother right now. Come back here often for all the Big Brother spoilers, news, and updates.

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