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Animal Kingdom Season 6 Poster Teases ‘Family ‘Til The End’ [TRAILER]

Trailer released for season 6 of Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom [Image TNT/YouTube]

Fans were quick to respond when the Animal Kingdom Twitter feed released a new poster for the upcoming season 6. Everyone is clearly excited as the premiere for the sixth season will soon be here. Meanwhile, the new poster was all about the Cody compound, with a caption reading, “FAMILY ‘TIL THE END.” Read on to find out more about the upcoming season 6 which drops on June 19.

Animal Kingdom season 6 on TNT

As Animal Kingdom fans know, season 6 of the series will reach the end of the line for the Cody boys. Fans will recall that TNT announced back in January 2021 that the sixth season would be its last. However, looking at the official poster and a gripping trailer, it looks like viewers won’t be too disappointed as it is sure to have a thrilling conclusion.

As noted by Matt & Jess, the official Twitter account for the series dropped a new season poster, titled with the words, “FAMILY ‘TIL THE END.” Meanwhile, the caption to the tweet read, “No one can outrun their past… Not even the Codys. Watch the collision June 19th. #AnimalKingdom.”

Fans were quick to respond to the Animal Kingdom poster, writing that they can’t wait for the upcoming season. Meanwhile, one mentioned that they have watched the series from the beginning, adding, “There is so much more to write about than 1 season!” The fan noted that the final season will be “kick-ass,” leaving fans wanting more.

Trailer released for the TNT show

Meanwhile, a new trailer was released for the premiere episode, titled “1992,” which will surely get fans excited. Meanwhile, the plot of the new season has also been revealed.

According to TNT, in the final season of Animal Kingdom, the Cody boys discover that they can’t outrun their past. Meanwhile, as their empire expands, a cold case investigation sparks a series of events that put the whole Cody family in jeopardy.

“Revenge, betrayal and a reckoning with long forgotten violence leads to an explosive conclusion six seasons in the making.”

About Animal Kingdom and the cast

The TNT series Animal Kingdom was originally based on the 2010 Australian movie of the same name. However, clearly, the show has stretched beyond the original plot into six seasons.

Trailer released for season 6 of Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom season 6 [Image TNT/YouTube]

The cast of the sixth season will feature Shawn Hatosy as Andrew “Pope” Cody, Jake Weary as Deran Cody, Finn Cole as Joshua “J” Cody (also known for Peaky Blinders) and Ben Robson as Craig Cody.

When does season 6 premiere?

The much-anticipated sixth season of Animal Kingdom premieres on June 19 at 9 pm ET/PT on TNT. Meanwhile, new episodes will be available the following day on the TNT app.

While there is just under a month to go until the Cody family is back on our screens, fans can get excited over the season 6 trailer included here:

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