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Prince William Comments At Ukrainian Cultural Center Outing Misunderstood?

Prince William Comments At Ukrainian Cultural Center Outing Misunderstood?

It was almost midnight in my hometown (GMT+1) when I started getting ready for bed. I was out all day so I was ready to lay my head on my pillow and catch some zzz’s, as they say. For some reason, I decided to check my Twitter, which is a bad idea because one ought not to check their Twitter feed before bed. Hmm… Prince William is trending. Okay.

Just a few hours ago, his brother Harry was trending for attending an American rodeo where no one minded him. I thought, for a second, maybe William was trending for attending the Ukrainian Cultural Center, which I’ve already read he did, but didn’t have time to follow up on. Like I said, it was a tiring and emotional day.

It turned out that William is actually trending because he made snide comments directed specifically at Africa and Asia, two of my seven favorite continents on Earth. It was unbelievable; I’ve always adored the 39-year-old Duke’s candidness, but this was unsettling. What did I do? I got out of bed and ate. I’d wanted to skip dinner but my head was spinning so hard. At last, I went to bed thinking that the Duke of Cambridge needed, at the very least, two years of therapy.

Prince William Calls Conflict in Europe “Alien”

One way or another, most of the people in the world have heard about the Ukraine-Russia conflict. It was February 24th; I first caught glimpses of it on Twitter early in the morning and later saw it on the news whilst trying to buy ice cream to celebrate my mom’s birthday. It sounded like a joke at the time, turns out it wasn’t.

I remember reading, and writing, that Prince William and Kate Middleton were the first working British royals to publicly support the Ukrainians and their president as they defended their nation against Russia’s invasion. To make it more personal, the royal pair signed it with their initials “W & C” – no fancy titles this time.

From the beginning of the war, William and Kate have shown the world where their loyalties lie by going on royal outings to support the people of Ukraine, who were sadly forced to flee from their homes.

The pair’s latest outing to the Ukrainian Cultural Center gave birth to some uncomfortable situations, with hundreds bashing the Prince and hundreds more in support. It was rumored that William said that “Britons were more used to seeing conflict in Africa and Asia.” Town and Country Magazine quoted the Independent on this, and the Independent quoted Daily Mail.

I’m sorry to say this, but I felt the evidence was strong enough and I believed it. Come on, no credible publication would do that if they didn’t have access to clear evidence. What I didn’t notice, at the time, was that the Independent “never” quoted him and neither did the Daily Mail.

Waiting for Prince William To Explain

I was waiting for Prince William to maybe publicly announce that his words were misunderstood, or something of the sort, and apologize, when another side of the report started emerging.

According to reporter Lizzie Robinson, Prince William said: “Everyone is horrified by what they are seeing. The news every day, it’s almost unfathomable. For our generation, it’s very alien to see this in Europe. We’re all right behind you.”

This threw a spanner in the wrench for most of the people who bashed him, others didn’t mind. Instead they insisted that he was stupid to say that European war was alien to see for his generation. I remember they quoted a few conflicts or so to disprove William’s statement.

In this scenario, I am inclined to believe the Prince had his reason for saying what he did. I remember my dad used to tell us about a civil war that happened in our country, but since I was born, nothing of the sort has happened. If, God forbid, a civil war of that magnitude threatened to break out one day, I’d be saying what William said, because, clearly, the experience and horror will be completely alien to me and my generation.

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