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Jennifer Aniston Shares Top 10 Diet, Fitness And Beauty Tips

Jennifer Aniston Shares Top 10 Diet, Fitness And Beauty Tips

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t look much older now than she did playing Rachel in the last episode of “Friends” in 2004. But the dark-haired beauty works hard to make 53 look like the new 33! And luckily for her fans, Jennifer feels ready to share all her secrets.

From diet to fitness to beauty, Aniston spilled what it takes to look forever young. Discover what keeps the former wife of Brad Pitt looking fit and fabulous below. Plus: We’ve summarized her top 10 tips to help you sip from that fountain of youth!

Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Diet Secrets: Lemon Water Wake-Up! 

Want to jump-start your day the Jennifer Aniston way? Get that wake-up water ready. The “Friends” alum always starts her day with a wedge of lemon squeezed into water, reported the Daily Mail. After sipping that beverage, Aniston feels ready to start her day.

And she makes sure to enjoy a healthy breakfast. For instance, the popular star steers clear of eating too many foods high in carbohydrates. As a result, Jennifer has learned to whip up eggs in a variety of forms. And like many who stayed at home throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, Aniston revealed that she used quarantine to practice her cooking skills. 

“When I wake up I have warm lemon water, then a shake or avocado and eggs. I found ways to make eggs every which way,” shared the star. But the “Friends” actress also treats herself to oatmeal sometimes made a special way. “I also do oatmeal with an egg white whipped in. Do it right before the oatmeal is finished cooking – it gives extra protein and this fluffy texture that’s delicious,” added Jennifer.

Jennifer Aniston Shares Top 10 Tips

To help her feel as good as she looks, Jennifer Aniston believes in the benefits of meditation. And the actress even views that part of her day as her favorite time. But she also credits giving herself mini facials every week for that gorgeous glow.

For fitness, Aniston takes cardio classes on a stair climber, mixed with other types of exercises. “Changing up my workout routine is key,” explained Jennifer. “I always try to surprise my muscles.” For instance, to make sure she keeps herself in shape, Aniston makes time for yoga and even jump rope.

And overall, Aniston’s top 10 tips include:

  1. Begin your day with lemon water.
  2. Include protein in your breakfast, such as eggs.
  3. Treat yourself to avocado for a balanced diet.
  4. Work out daily, but aim for variety.
  5. Jump rope for aerobic activity.
  6. Make time to meditate.
  7. Reduce stress by organizing your home.
  8. Treat yourself to a weekly mini facial.
  9. Focus on appreciating your day.
  10. Try journaling or writing.

Tell us what you think. Do you plan to try any of Jennifer Aniston’s tips? And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more health and wellness news!

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