Things You should do to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Things You should do to Prepare Your Child for KindergartenDid you know, there are simple things you can do each day to help your child learn? These often seemingly insignificant activities can help ensure your little one is prepared for kindergarten.

While your child is going to have teachers to guide their learning experience, you are still the parent. As a result, you need to take the reins now to ensure your child gets all they can out of kindergarten. Some tips to help you now are found here.

Practice Writing their Name

By the time your child gets to kindergarten, they should know how to write their name. Taking a few minutes each day and practicing this with them is a great way to meet this goal. Keep in mind, the writing doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect, but it needs to be legible.

Talk about Letters

There are several ways you can play with the alphabet and letters. By the time your child enters kindergarten, they should be able to identify most (if not all) of the upper and lowercase letters. While they will learn these during kindergarten, giving your child a head start is always a good idea.

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Sight Word Practice

Kindergarten is when you child learns to read. If you have taught them a few sight words ahead of time, it will ensure they are prepared for this huge step. A great way to help teach these words is with flashcards and having your child read them over and over again.

Play with Numbers

The summer months are the perfect time to do a bit of school preparation. You can get card games, have street sign games and even play with numbers in the pool. Consider having your child count their steps during a walk, or separate Legos into equal piles for you both to play. This teaches them numbers and ensures they are having fun.

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Kindergarten is a fun time for kids. It is their first experience with classroom learning, in most cases. Make sure they are ready by using the tips and tools here. You will find your child is much more successful when you play an active role in their education.

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