10 Hilarious Pregnancy Cravings

10 Hilarious Pregnancy CravingsBearing a child is a magical experience. Before you’ve been pregnant, you can never truly understand how very exciting this time is. However, that’s not to say that it doesn’t come with its fair share of downfalls. For one thing, your body starts to do some weird and wonderful things. Oh, and let’s not forget about the awful cravings. Here are just ten that will make you giggle.

1. Donuts with fried eggs

Fried eggs are delicious on most things, but would you really put one on top of a donut? It may sound a little odd (it is odd!), but some women experience this one when they are pregnant. Yikes.

2. Chip sandwiches

It’s no great mystery that women eat chips when they are carrying a child. One of the things that you crave is grease, which makes sense. Still, most of us would not put this on a sandwich!

3. Toothpaste

Let’s get one thing clear… Toothpaste is for brushing your teeth with. Nothing more. Nothing less. You certainly should not be eating this stuff.

4. Beans on toast

The Brits love this odd meal, and yet most of us would find it a bit gross. When you’re pregnant, though, anything goes. There’s nothing wrong with having some tasty beans on toast now and then.

5. Cake mix

You’re meant to cook the cake mix, not eat it as it is. Many pregnant women report that they just can’t help themselves when it comes to lapping up the cake mix from the bowl. Weird.

6. Sour cream on toast

Sometimes, all you really want in your life is some sour cream. Can you imagine slathering this stuff on some toast? I bet you can’t! Well, that’s what a whole load of pregnant ladies do.

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7. Oranges and hot sauce

Fruit should never be dipped in hot sauce. That’s just the rules of life right there. There are some women out there, though, who think nothing of having this weird combo.

8. Fries and ice cream

Dipping fries in ice cream may sound like a recipe for disaster, but it’s actually a very tasty treat. There’s something about the deep-fried potato mixed with cool, sweet ice cream that just works.

9. Waffles with ketchup

We’re sticking with the sweet and savoury theme here. Can you imagine popping ketchup on your waffles? No, I can’t either! But there are loads of pregnant ladies out there who would.

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10. Bread and salsa

Finally, how about some spicy salsa on top of a nice slice of bread? It’s a weird one, but it’s one of the most common weird and hilarious food cravings that women get!

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