Why You Should be Taking a Nap Every day

Why You Should be Taking a Nap Every dayHave you ever laid your child down for a nap and found yourself feeling jealous? We all have those moments during long days where we wish we could lay on the couch for an hour or two and simply snooze the afternoon away. Of course, as adults, we tell ourselves that we simply aren’t allowed to enjoy naps anymore – even if we’re not at work, or dealing with family commitments.

However, there are more benefits to napping than you might think. For instance:

1.    A Nap Restores Focus

If you notice that you start to lose focus early in the afternoon, then a nap could help you revitalize your senses and come back up to speed. The national sleep foundation recommends that we take short naps of around twenty to thirty minutes each day to improve alertness and performance without interfering with our nighttime sleep.

2.    Naps Prevent Burnout

In a culture that’s obsessed with always being “on-the-go”, a nap can be the best way to stop yourself from losing your energy too fast. Remember, you’re not made to race forward without any rest, as this can lead to frustration, burnout, and stress. Taking a nap is like rebooting your system, it relieves stress and offers you a great fresh start.

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3.    A Nap Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Did you know that people who take mid-day siestas are more likely to live longer, and less likely to suffer from heart disease? Working men are 64% less likely, according to a study published by the Archives of Internal Medicine. In other words, taking a nap could be an important weapon in the fight against coronary problems.

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4.    Naps Make You More Productive

Finally, numerous studies have shown that workers become increasingly more productive the later the day gets. Just think about your own experiences with productivity. However, a thirty-minute nap has been proven by Harvard University to boost the performance of workers, returning their productivity levels to normal.

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