How to Teach the Alphabet to Preschoolers

How to Teach the Alphabet to PreschoolersLearning the alphabet is the foundation of writing and reading. By the time a child reaches the age of two, they typically begin showing interest in letters. While some kids can learn rather quickly, others require more time and repetition to successfully learn the letters. Here you can learn some of the most effective ways to teach your little one the alphabet.

Sing Songs

Singing the alphabet song to your child helps to introduce the letters in a fun and memorable way. Begin singing this song when your child is still a baby and as they get older, encourage them to sing along. There are countless CDs out there that feature other kids singing the song, which is often extremely effective.

Read Alphabet Books

Take the time to read all types of alphabet books to kids, even when they are still babies. This repetition will help your child learn the alphabet. When my oldest daughter was born, I was surprised how many alphabet books I was given as presents. We enjoyed reading them all because they were so different from one another. Some to consider, that my daughters and I love include:

  • Eating the Alphabet
  • AlphaOops! The Day Z Went First
  • The Construction Alphabet Book
  • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (board book)

Sandpaper Letters

The use of sandpaper letters is a great way to introduce your kid’s to letters. Some to consider using include School Supply Tactile Letters Kit and Didax Sandpaper Tracing Letters. This is a great activity for those who still haven’t started writing because children use their finger to trace the letters. The cards also tell your child when to go up, down and to the side.

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The sandpaper letters are used by Montessori schools when children are learning to read. They provide a visual and tactile way to help children learn the alphabet.

Alphabet Puzzles

There are countless alphabet puzzles out there and they are a great way to teach kids their ABCs. A favorite for me and our kids is the alphabet puzzle from Melissa and Doug. It is a very beautifully made wooden puzzle and features pictures my kids love to look at. This is a great way to practice verbal and vocabulary skills, as well.

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Learning the ABCs is an important task for all children. With the tips here, you can make it fun and enjoyable for you and your kids.

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