Best Math Apps for Kids

Best Math Apps for KidsThere is no question that some kids struggle learning math. However, there are more than a few math apps available that make it easier for kids and parents to grasp these all important concepts. Take some time to get to know some of the top apps available. Doing so can help you see that yes, math can be fun.

Motion Math: Pizza!

With this app, kids get to create the pizzeria of their dreams. They will also learn mental math and economics as they purchase ingredients, set prices, design the pizzas and serve the customers in this fun and educational simulation game.

Prodigy Math Game

This is a free app that is aligned with common core math concepts for grades one to eight. This is an adaptive math video game that offers kids an entire virtual world where they can play and learn with their friends at a pace they set. This app takes the game-based learning a step further than other apps and provides the teachers with a number of other useful features. These features include real-time reports, assessment tools and a diagnostic test.


While students can have a great time with this app, teachers can still retain full control of the work that is done. At the easiest level, kids can choose the subject they work on and then teachers can see their progress. As time passes, they will progress through new skills and master each prior to moving on.

Reflex Student

This is a research based game app that helps students in grades two to eight. It helps them develop an instant and effortless recall of various math facts in all four of the operations. With Reflex, students can answer billions of math facts, which increases their confidence, skill and various test scores.

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Number Rack from The Math Learning Center

This app facilitates the natural development of a child’s number sense. The colored, movable beads encourage kids to think in groups of five and ten, which helps them discover and explore a number of subtraction and addition strategies.

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If you are looking for an effective and educational math app for your child, these represent a great place to start.

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