Winnie The Pooh Party Ideas

Winnie The Pooh Party IdeasMake no mistakes, Winnie the Pooh is a huge deal. Small children (and sometimes even adults alike) adore this book and show series. If you’re a fan of the cute little bear, you’re not alone. It’s basically a massive global phenomenon. So, what better to do than have a Winnie the Pooh themed party? This is an ideal theme for kids birthday parties. Here’s how you can make it extra special.

Get printed invitations

Of course, your first big challenge will be getting your invitations. Many stores actually sell printed invites featuring Winnie the Pooh. Since this is such a popular kids’ series, you should have no trouble laying your hands on some. Failing that, you can look for printable invitations online which will also do the trick. Find one with your child’s favorite character on it, whether it’s Pooh or Piglet!

Get special decorations

Similarly, you may well want to get special Winnie the Pooh decorations for your home. You could have some fun with your little one and have them help you make some at home. Why don’t you draw some pictures of honey pots and the like and stick them around your home? Of course, you should also be able to get some Pooh themed party banners online.

DIY honey pots

When the guests arrive, what will you do? Well, why not start things off with a fun game. You could buy some plain clay pots ahead of time and grab some acrylic paints. Each guest will have the chance to decorate their own honey pot in a style of their choosing. You could even make it a competition.

Watch a Pooh DVD

Of course, you will want there to be some downtime during the party too. Little kids will respond well to watching a Winnie the Pooh DVD so make sure you have one for the party. Get everyone cozy, with blankets and cushions, and settle in to watch the show!

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Make it fancy dress

If you want to make things really exciting, why not make the entire event fancy dress, eh? One of the easiest ways to get everyone involved is to tell them to wear a Winnie the Pooh themed costumer. Seeing all the kids dressed up as their favorite characters will be adorable.

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Goody bags to take home

Finally, you need to make sure that the kids have some goody bags to take home. Why not fill them with Winnie the Pooh gifts? From plush toys to branded sweets, there’s a whole load you may want to get here. That way, the little ones will have something to remember the party by!

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