Simple but Unique Spring Wedding Ideas

Simple but Unique Spring Wedding IdeasSpring weddings are naturally beautiful. Spring is brimming with new life, new promises, and soft pastel colors that seem to be perfect for romance. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys clear skies, weather that’s neither too hot, nor too cold, and the wonderful smells of freshly blooming flowers, then you’re sure to be a lover of the Spring.

However, since your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, the last thing you want is to find yourself doing the exact same thing as everyone else. That’s why we’ve put together a few simple, yet unique wedding ideas to help you make your experience more memorable.

Flowery Table Numbers

Rather than using the same-old table numbers for your dining experience, why not take advantage of the beauty that Spring offers and create your own potted table numbers. All you need is a few potted plants and a calligrapher to write beautiful numbers for you. You can spray-paint the pots with luxurious metallic colors or soft pastels to suit your theme.

Seed Packet Party Favors

Since your marriage celebrates the growth of your love, why not encourage your guests to grow something of their own with a free packet of seeds alongside their meal as a cute little party favor to take home with them. Make sure that the seeds are simple enough to grow, so that your guests can go home, plant them, and remember your wedding for months to come.

A Butterfly Bouquet

One of my favorite parts of Spring has to be the fact that Butterflies start to emerge again. Rather than having a bouquet made completely out of flowers, why not add a spring theme by interweaving some hand-made butterflies into the mix in the colors that support your wedding theme. You’ll find plenty of people willing to make them for you, or you can find a DIY tutorial yourself!

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Market-Style Appetizers

If you love visiting Spring-time markets, why not celebrate the experience with appetizer tables that are set up to look like your standard farmer’s experience? You can even include chalk boards that have messages about the types of entrees you’re offering to add to the rustic springtime effect.

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Get People Outside

Finally, spring is the perfect time to take your wedding celebrations outdoors. Have some fun and games on the lawn outside of your church or reception center before you head to your tables for food and cocktails. This is a great way to enjoy the naturally mild weather, get some fantastic pictures, and ensure that your guests aren’t cooped up all day!

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