How To Word A Birth Announcement

How To Word A Birth AnnouncementSo, you’ve just about welcomed you’ve given birth to your bundle of joy into the world, what should you do next? Well, many parents like to celebrate this oh-so-special time by announcing the birth to their nearest and dearest. Rather than ringing everyone up or sending a mass text, you should opt for a formal announcement. You could post this on social media or even send it as a letter to your friends and family.

There’s just one tiny problem — many of us aren’t sure how to word a birth announcement. Well, you’ve just so come to the right place. Here’s a quick guide that will help you along the way so that you create a gorgeous message to send to the people that you care about the most. Enjoy.

Include a short intro

First of all, let’s talk about the intro. You want to keep things short and snappy, but remember, this is exciting news. You may want to say something like “We are pleased to welcome our newborn into the world” or “We’d like to announce the birth of our child”. The point is that this intro has to let people know just how gleeful and happy you are now.

Announce the baby’s name

Of course, everyone will want to know the baby’s name ASAP. Here’s your chance to announce it to the world. You may wish to include this piece of information in the intro of the announcement. Be sure to write the full name here — this is, of course, a formal introduction to your new child.

Include the birth date

Don’t forget that this announcement will be something of a keepsake for you and your child too. They will want to look back over it in years to come. You should make sure that you pop the date of birth on there too along with some details such as the time of the birth and where your baby was born.

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Add some detail

Often enough, people like to include some extras such as the weight of the baby, how it looked, and so on. You may wish to pop a picture on the announcement or just describe your newborn. Doing so adds some color to the announcement and makes it more interesting.

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Keep it snappy

Finally, you need to remember not to write an essay here. People won’t have a whole load of time to sit and read your announcement so you need to keep things short and sweet. Make sure that all the vital information is there and stick to that. Easy!

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