Fun Gender Reveal Ideas

Fun Gender Reveal IdeasIn addition to the exciting announcement to family and friends of “I’m pregnant,” revealing if you are having a boy or girl is huge news. As a result, most people want to find a creative and fun way to share this news.

Regardless of if you are trying to create a climactic end for your gender reveal party or just a clever message and photo to let everyone know what you are having, there are several ways you can broadcast your baby’s sex that will make this moment even more special and memorable.

Blow It Up

A cute and fun way to let everyone know your big news is by posing for several photos where you and your spouse hold up two balloons – on pink and one blue. Blow up the balloon that corresponds to the gender you have having and let everyone know. This is a cute way to announce the baby’s gender and will give you photo mementos to have for years to come.

Sweet News

Have you ever noticed that a Hershey chocolate bar has both “she” and “he” directly on the label? With a bit of clever wrapping you can easily create fun chocolate bars that let your family and friends know the gender of your new bundle of joy.

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Opening a Box of Balloons

One of the most popular methods of gender reveal are big boxes full of balloons. This is because it makes the moment of finding out what you are having just like Christmas morning. Also, you are delivering the news to everyone as soon as the box is opened. You can even make it a surprise for yourself by having your doctor place the gender in a sealed envelope and then asking a friend to pack up the present. All you have to do is have the box filled up with pink or blue balloons, which will indicate the gender as soon as you open the top.

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As you can see, there are quite a few fun and exciting ways to reveal the gender of your new baby. Use the tips and information here to have an experience you will never forget.

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