Best Things to Do with Kids on July 4th

Best Things to Do with Kids on July 4thIndependence Day is often a popular time for celebrating with kids, thanks to all the pageantry and excitement that accompanies the festivities. However, there’s more to the fourth of July than just fireworks and barbecues. If you want to make sure that your kids really get the most out of their American celebration, try some of the following ideas.

Fun with Fireworks

Fireworks can be a worrying thing for parents when children are around, but as long as you teach your children proper safety precautions, and keep them well away from the fireworks at all times, you should have plenty of fun. You can enjoy your firework display a little more this year by asking your kids to keep track of the number of red, white, and blue fireworks that you set off. The person who’s closest to the right answer can get a reward.

Play Patriotic Games

Sparklers aren’t the only great thing about the fourth of July. This is also a great day for kids to celebrate their heritage. Since its early July, the weather should be nice enough to plan for some outdoor fun. Try setting up a relay race or water balloon fight, with different teams (maybe the Americans, and the British).

Get Baking

Baking is always a great way to bond with the kids and keep them active. On the fourth of July, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to do some special, patriotic baking. For instance, you could make sugar cookies that your children help decorate, or cupcakes with red, white, and blue sprinkles. The possibilities are endless.

Make your Own Balloon Fireworks

Want to make sure that younger kids can join in the fun without worrying about burns and wayward sparklers? Make your own fireworks with balloons. All you need to do is fill balloons with some confetti, and set your kids loose with a couple of pencils that they can use to pop the balloons and send the confetti flying.

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Create a Patriotic Wreath

Most of the time, we think of wreaths as something that’s reserved for Christmas – but they don’t have to be. Get your kids together to create a wreath in the traditional red white and blue colors. On the other hand, you could always ask your kids to make their own wreaths that they can use to decorate your home.

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