6 Ways to Take Care of Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

6 Ways to Take Care of Swollen Feet During PregnancyThere are truly some weird and wonderful things that happen to your body during pregnancy. When you first fall pregnant, the way that your body changes may surprise you. All of a sudden, it feels as though you have no control over your body — it really does have a mind of its own. It can be a whole lot to get used to.

Perhaps one of the most unexpected things is your feet swelling up at a rather extraordinary rate. One morning, you will wake up and find that they are quite swollen and there’s not a lot you can do about it. If you want to take care of this issue, here are just six things you could well try.

Try a salt water bath

Epsom salts have an incredible quality; they can help take swelling down. Make a small bath for your feet and add some of these salts to the water. If you soak your feet for just a few minutes at a time, you will notice a real difference.

Keep your feet up high

Elevating your feet and legs will help as well. This is one of the things that few women consider when they have swollen feet. When you’re lying on the sofa, stick a pillow under your legs. It will work wonders.

Keep yourself hydrated

Hydration is key whenever you’re struggling with any kind of swelling. You should be drinking around six glasses of water per day anyhow. Make sure that you always have water near you when you’re relaxing.

Do some stretches

Your initial reaction may be to avoid moving too much. That’s so not the way to go here. Instead, you should do some stretches to help with the swelling. Don’t overdo it — just bend the feet a little to loosen up the joints

Avoid standing for too long

Obviously, one of the worst things you can do for your feet is stand for a long period of time. If you’re on your feet all day long, the swelling will only get worse and worse. Try to rest and sit down whenever you can do so.

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Ask for a massage

Here’s where your partner comes into play. When your feet are really hurting, ask your partner to give you a little massage. The pressure may just be what you need!

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