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5 Fun Things about the Lego Batman Movie

5-Fun-Things-about-the-Lego-Batman-MovieLego Batman is one of the funniest batman movie ever! The film uses very typical animation with no boundaries, rules and adds a playful attitude to it. The movie is basically everything one would want from a batman movie but even wittier, funnier and extremely self-aware. The animated series, together with the movie, has been entertaining people for years and this the movie is pretty much set to “blow” off minds.

Lego batman uses a ridiculous way to inspire pure fan to the hearts of their fans. The Lego movie is just an indication for funnier movies in the future. Well, here are some 5 Fun Things about the Lego Batman Movie (no spoilers)

New Interetsing Casts

You’ve probably read from reviews that Will Arnett is the voice of Batman, Michael Cera is Robin’s voice and Rosario Dawson plays as Batgirl. But, did you know Mariah Carey plays the voice of Gotham? Furthermore, we should also expect to hear Conan O’Brian who plays Riddler. With such actors, that will definitely be a hit funny and witty film

You Won’t Believe Who Will Be Directing

Your favorite stars who have been directing some contemporary comedies will be the directors of the film. Can you guess who these are? If you though of Phil Lord and Chris Miller then you got it right. The duo, who directed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball are at it again only this time directing an even funnier film.

Wiz Khalifa’s Music “Black and Yellow” is Featured

Let’s face it: Khalifa has had a rather successful career with most of his songs featured in high budget films like The Fast and the Furious. The Lego batman movie has used the doopest, the coolest and hottest song seen on The Lego Batman series. The directors have stated that even though they will have Batman try to solve all crime, he will also try to be cool and all hip.

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Best Lego Sets

The film is set to have the best Lego Sets in the history of Batman Lego movies. In fact, the directors have said that we will get to see the biggest bat cave in history, measuring about 8 miles from end to end. Mind blowing, huh? The directors wanted to completely show the ego of Batman and so decided to go with this idea. Also, Gotham has been made to be extremely detailed unlike before with an infinite number of streets, facilities, buildings etc.

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Batman Lego is Part Of the Cinematic Universe

The Batman Lego film is part of the cinematic Lego universe. The film is set to take place in 2014 and will focus on the previous films. Will there be a sequel? We’re still yet to find out. I’m pretty sure this will be the best Lego Film ever.

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