10 Things To Do To Enjoy A Summer Pregnancy

10 Things To Do To Enjoy A Summer PregnancyThe summer is finally here and most of us are out there celebrating. If you happen to be pregnant right now, though, you may not feel like frolicking in the sun. The truth of the matter is that summer pregnancies can be harder than most. The heat and lack of energy really does zap you!

Still, there’s no need to get all down in the dumps about it. Instead, why not make the most of things and try to enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can? Here are some handy tricks that will help you do just that!

Elevate your feet (as much as you can)

Spoiler: Your feet will likely swell up during a summer pregnancy which means that they can get painful at the best of times. When you’re chilling out at home, be sure to elevate them. Pop them on a pillow or the like and lay back and relax.

Keep hydrated at all times

Hydration is key both in the summer and when you’re pregnant. It stands to reason, then, that you need to keep drinking as much water as possible. Have a bottle with you at all times. That’s an order!

Head to the beach (no really!)

You may not feel like going to the beach, but getting out of the house is essential for your mental and physical health. Go out for the day with your partner and see how you feel.

Take off your rings

You may well notice that your hands swell up when you’re pregnant during the summer months. One of the best things you can do is remember to take your rings off.

Head to a swim class

You absolutely need to cool down should you get the chance! Why not take a pregnancy swim class? Doing so will mean that you get a little physical activity while cooling off too.

Invest in comfortable shoes

As I mentioned earlier, your feet will likely swell up. If you’re walking around in tight shoes, you’re likely to be seriously uncomfortable. Don’t do it. Invest in a comfortable pair!

Wear loose clothing

Loose, airy clothes are essential when you’re pregnant and even more so in the summer months. The last thing you want is clothing that sticks to you in a weird or awkward way. Trust me!

Take a siesta now and then

When the afternoon sun comes out, you might need to head for a lie down. There’s nothing wrong with napping the day away. It can be seriously healthy.

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Treat yourself to a massage

If the heat makes you tired and achy, you might want to head out and get a massage. Having some R&R time is sure to make you feel wonderful before you know it.

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Get some water to spray

Finally, here’s a handy way to cool off when you need to the most. Pop some water in a spray bottle and use it when you’re too hot. The midst will cool the air around you (and you too!).

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