Spring into Style: Must-Have Items This Season

Spring into Style: Must-Have Items This Season Things are starting to heat up just a little and before you know it spring will be here. If you can’t wait for the new season, you’re going to want to read this article. You see, there are some rather exciting trends on the horizon and you really need to know about them. So, what should you be wearing as we move into the next season? Here’s everything that you need to know.

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One-Shoulder Tops

Call them off-the-shoulder tops, cold shoulder tops, or one -shoulder tops, they’re all the same thing. These beauties have been around for quite some time but they’re making a huge comeback in the fashion world. Many of the LFW catwalks featured this look earlier in the year, and so you can be sure that it will be a massive hit. Go for a boho chic style to complete this sassy look.

Ath-Leisure Wear

There was once a time when wearing gym clothes around town was weird. Well, those days are well and truly over. The ath-leisure trend has taken the world by storm and for good reason. From yoga pants to sports jackets, there are many ways in which you can pay homage to this trend. Be sure to choose pieces that are practical so you can actually head for a jog too!

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Tees with Slogans on Them

It’s been quite a long time since slogan tees were en vogue, but they’re back again! When choosing your next favorite t-shirt, it’s well worth looking for ones with bold prints on them. Many of the high street retailers have been boasting these tops in the lead up to spring and you can see why. Grab yourself a few ahead of time and you will look fabulous.

Platform Heels

If you can manage to walk around in them, platform heels are certainly the way forward. This 90s trend is back yet again and you’d better get on board. Remember, the chunkier the heels, the better they will look on you. (Plus, the thicker they are, the more stable you will be to boot!) Pick out shoes that are bright and colourful or have strong patterns for a dramatic effect.

Blazer Jackets

Finally, here’s one trend that you really don’t want to miss. Blazer jackets take any outfit from casual to fantastic in just one easy step. These light-wear coats are perfect for the spring months and look chic and stylish no matter what. In the past, we’ve seen some of the biggest celebs sporting this look, and so it’s certainly time to give it a go!

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