Wedding Food Trends for 2017

Wedding Food Trends for 2017“I do,” love wedding food, don’t you? Part of the reason wedding food is so scrumptious and much-anticipated these days is that newlyweds are eager to embrace novel, quirky ways of taking their vows, and incorporating fresh food trends plays a big part in setting the tone for today’s weddings.

If you’re planning (or just fantasizing!) a wedding, here are some of the hippest wedding food trends projected to hit the big time in 2017.

Food trucks are the latest alternative to upend the formal, table dining experience. An especially popular choice for outdoor weddings in big cities, brides can use food trucks to cater the entire menu or opt for a smaller presence by using niche trucks for dessert or appetizers only. How fun would an ice cream truck be?!

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Personalizing the menu by serving foods native or special to the happy couple is another delicious trend making its mark on weddings. New Englanders can opt for a lobster course, for example. Or how about incorporating a taco bar for brides and grooms fond of happy hour? It’s all part of a bigger trend that has the happy couple branding the big day with lots of little touches that reflect their personalities.

Food tables devoted to theme ingredients are big this year, with items like bacon and salt leading the way. Flavored salts are a huge foodie trend and offering up a table or two of the granular stuff gives guests a fun way to spice up entrées, with tasty options including merlot, smoked sea, Hawaiian black, and bacon salts.

Speaking of everyone’s favorite pork preference, bacon tables are big this year! Why? Well, because everything goes better with bacon, right? Bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon truffles, bacon sliders, or bacon candy anyone? Yum!

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The wedding menu showstopper has always been the cake, or lack of it, and this year is no different. Gone are the days when cupcakes were au courant. Today you can expect to nibble on non-traditional but fashionable desserts such as macaroons or crepes. But don’t be surprised to see a totally out-there “cake” such as one made from tiered pizzas, or even cheese towers!

Thankfully though, for those with a sweet tooth, the drip cake is a popular alternative to the outdated three-layer white confection. This trending delicacy is an opulently tall masterpiece, first scraped smooth with a generous amount of buttercream, then coated with an obscene amount of luscious chocolate that’s allowed to drip freeform, down the sides of the cake.

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of the most popular wedding food trends, we’d love to hear your foodie ideas for 2017 and beyond!

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