Positive Ways to Boost your Teen’s Self Confidence

Positive Ways to Boost your Teen's Self ConfidenceYou may not realize it, but as a parent, you’re probably doing things to fortify and improve your child’s self-esteem every day – no matter their age. Whether it’s simply complimenting your child on a job that they’ve done well, or giving them helpful criticism when it comes to managing things like homework, you’d be surprised how much your daily activities have an impact on your child’s inner confidence levels.

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Teenager children generally require a lot more help with self-esteem and confidence than their younger counterparts. After all, during the teenage years we all feel a little uncertain and overwhelmed from time to time. Here are a few ways that you can boost your teen’s self-confidence, without becoming too overbearing.

1.    Offer Plenty of Praise

When teenager seem to spend all of their time doing things to get in their parent’s bad books, it can be difficult to make sure that you ensure you tell your children often enough about the things that they’re doing right. Remember to commend your child for their accomplishments and efforts, including the times when they try their best, but they don’t necessarily get the results they were searching for. Remember that teenagers with low self-esteem can feel awkward accepting praise, so don’t slather it on so thick that it seems insincere.

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2.    Ask for Their Opinion

Let’s face it, teenagers have no shortage of opinions, but they don’t always realize that you value their thoughts. Showing that you care about what they have to say could mean that you give your kids the self-confidence boost they need when they need it most. Include your teen in everyday family decisions, and implement their suggestions where you can. For instance, ask what your teen things about the new table you’re considering for the living room, or whether they can give you help on fashion tips.

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3.    Encourage them To Cultivate their Interests

One important thing to remember when you’re building your child’s self-confidence, is that everyone excels at something. Make sure that your child feels supported in the concept of supporting his or her passion – no matter what it might be. Remember that even the interests you might consider to be frivolous can provide opportunities that allow your children to build their self-esteem and enhance their social skills. Also, keep in mind that a teenager’s passion for a particular hobby can sometimes be short-lived, so don’t force them to continue with something that they no longer care about, instead, encourage them to find a new passion!

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