Free Help With Homework – Resources for Parents and Kids

Free Help With Homework - Resources for Parents and KidsMost parents are rejoicing as summer has come to an end and bored children are going back to school! While some enjoy their kids’ return to a structured learning environment, it also means homework. For some, it means a struggle. As a parent, it’s incredibly hard to watch your child struggle, but the frustration is made worse when you feel like you can’t help them. Luckily, there are ways you and your child can get free help with homework with these resources for parents and kids.

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There are several websites that can offer you instant help. They are only a few clicks away and great resources. Makes sure you don’t get suckered into paying for online help, as there are reputable and helpful sites that are completely free.

  • is great for visual learners. The site provides help in math, science, economics, arts, humanities, computers, and even test preparation. The site offers videos that show your child the information they need.
  • is an interactive tool packed with multimedia content. The site covers math, history, nature, music, art, and English

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Fellow Students

Your school might offer free tutoring from courtesy of its students. Typically, high school students looking for extra credit opportunities or volunteer work to add to their college resumes are available to help. Get in touch with your school to find out what kind of programs and offers they have. Another great student-resource is your local Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. The troop might have a scout looking to complete a badge for something like community service. Contact your local scouts to see if they have any interested students.

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While your average librarian is a superhero of knowledge, their time and abilities might be limited to pointing you in the direction of a book or media that can help. However, some branches offer free help from volunteers and pros courtesy of the community. For example, the County of Los Angeles offers online, live tutor help for those with a County of Los Angeles library card and an internet connection. The State Library of Alabama also offers free homework help from subject specialists via the net. Do some research into your local library to see what they offer.

If all else fails, put a request for help out with friends, family, and social networks. Often, you will find you and your child are not alone in the struggle. With the help of your social circle, you might be able to find an answer or direction via a Facebook post.

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