Disney World Changes We’re Most Excited About In 2017

Disney World Changes We're Most Excited about in 2017 Disney is a place of magic and wonder for families and children alike, but one of the most incredible things about it, is that it’s always changing and evolving. While the traditional rides and long-standing characters remain the same year-in, year out, new experiences to explore pop up almost on a yearly basis.

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Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the updates and changes that are taking place in 2017 – specifically the ones that we’re the most excited about trying for ourselves!

1.    Pandora in Animal Kingdom

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the beautiful nature and mystery of Pandora, the world from “Avatar” for yourself, then you’re in luck. The new Pandora attraction will be opening on the 27th of May this year in celebration of James Cameron world-changing movie, released in 2009. The attraction is designed to transport guests into the world of Pandora, and the home of the Na’Vi. It’s full of floating mountains, bio-luminescent plants, and more. The area will feature two primary attractions – the Na’Vi river journey, where guests will travel along a sacred river in a bio-luminescent rainforest, and the Avatar Flight of Passage, which sends guests soaring overhead on Banshees.

2.    The Happily Ever After Nighttime Spectacular in the Magic Kingdom

From the 14th of May, this year, a brand-new show will be lighting up the skies above Cinderella Castle. In the new event, projection mapping will combine with pyrotechnics, Disney storytelling and classic characters in a show that’s sure to inspire guests to discover their very own version of “Happily Ever After”. There’ll be an original-score, alongside hand-drawn animations of various characters like Aladdin, Tiana, and Ursula.

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3.    The Star Wars Guided Tour in Hollywood Studios

This new year brought with it a world of new Star Wars based experiences in Disney World. Starting from the second of January, guests were able to blast off into a seven-hour tour of everything to do with the amazing movie franchise. There’s trials of the temple, Jedi Training, and priority boarding options for Star Tours too.

4.    Miss Adventure Falls in Typhoon Lagoon

Opened on the 12th of March, Miss Adventure Falls in Typhoon Lagoon offers guests a splashing good time aboard a family raft-style attractions. Guests will enjoy white-water rafting adventures past the glittering treasure of the long-fabled Captain Mary Oceaneer. The ride has a full time of around two minutes, making it the longest water attraction at both of the Disney World water parks.

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5.    Universal’s Volcano Bay

Finally, opening on the 25th of May, Universal Orlando’s third theme park will feature a fire and water volcano called “Krakatau”, which overlooks the water-themed playground full of relaxation and thrill-based opportunities. The park will feature a host of amazing water rides, including wave pools, slides, and rafting adventures, alongside smaller places for the kids to hang out too!

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