DIY: Customizable Terra Cotta Planter – Organize Your Garden In Style

DIY: Customizable Terra Cotta Planter - Organize Your Garden In StyleThere is something relaxing and rewarding about creating your garden. Watching plants grow into beautiful flowers or vegetables you can feed your family with always feels so good. With these DIY customizable terra cotta planters, you can organize your garden, big or small, in style!


Chalk paint of choice
Terra Cotta pot
Paint brushes
Hot glue /hot glue gun

Customizable Terra Cotta Planter - Organize Your Garden In Style 1


1. Choose a color chalk paint.
2. Dip your paint brush in chalk paint and begin painting your terra cotta pot, make sure to paint 1/4 of the way down on the inside of the pot also, and let dry according to the directions on the container.
3. Paint a second coat and let dry.
4. Once your pot is dry, hot glue the hemp around the top of the pot.
5. Now you can write or draw whatever you like, be creative!
6. Replant your mums in your decorative pot and display.

If your planning in using your pot outside, make sure you use an outdoor chalk paint. Otherwise, this DIY project can be used anywhere indoors.

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  • What an absolutely lovely idea! I might have a go at doing some mini ones of these with the kids for nanny, great nanny and teachers at Christmas/end of the year x

  • This looks like such a fun and easy project to do. My boys make me terra cotta vases at school for holidays often and I just LOVE them.

  • Good tips for planting. I took a class this summer and made two really pretty outdoor planters that I am enjoying.

  • This is a really cool look! I’m pretty sure I have a planter or two I could try this out on.

  • What a cool project. I want to do this with my planters, so I can easily label my plants.


    Id prefer brighter and vibrant colors and make my garden look the ones like in Alice in Wonderland! haha! but overall great way to personalize your garden and pass time.

  • Elizabeth O.

    Very easy to do! I’d love to try my luck at making this one. It’s easy and the pots look amazing!

  • This would be a really cute give to give at a baby or wedding show. You could write the baby or bride’s name on the pot so that they would always remember where it came from OR erase that and write their own sayings!

  • I plan on making one of these for my mother in law’s brithday. thanks!

  • This days I’m looking for a plant project, thanks I found this. This is is simple but really organized. Thanks for sharing this.

  • What an easy and fun craft to do, especially on a rainy day with the kids. I love the idea of chalk paint.

  • What a beautiful project! I need to do this next season for planting, my son would probably like to help too.

  • This is such a fun project! Something we need to look into in the future.

  • What a great, simple project. This would look great outside our house with my flowers and other planters. I love being able to change the message.

  • These are adorable! I love the chalkboard paint look and I think it’s perfect for a garden.

  • This looks like a fun weekend DIY project. Thanks for sharing!

  • So quick and easy!

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