How to Help your Child Make More Friends

How to Help your Child Make More FriendsWhere you should be in relation to your child’s friendships is an awkward question that we all face during parenthood. There’s no doubt that friendship is crucial to a child’s development, yet it’s difficult to know how you can have a helping hand in the process. After all, children learn how to share, compromise, and create better relationships through friendships.

Here are some tips that could help you to assist your child in making more friends.

1. Teach your Child Critical Friendship Skills

Kids most want to play with other children who can have fun and take part in a game without taking over. Making sure that you teach your child how to share and interact as a group is crucial in ensuring that they have the skills to make friendships in the future. Make sure that you expose your child to the way that you interact with your friends too, as this can help them to get an understanding of what friendships are like.

2. Open your Home to your Child’s Friends

If you have a young child, then it may be worth encouraging him or her to invite his friends over for a play date, but make sure that you have activities in mind. Younger kids need some direction sometimes when it comes to how to play. So, plan on baking cookies, or playing with a box of dress-up clothes depending on your child’s interests.

3. Help them Deal with Friendship Issues

Falling outs and arguments are common in any friendship. Your child might need some help understanding and managing complicated emotions sometimes. Remember that if your child is having problems with one of their friends, you shouldn’t undermine the issue, instead ask them to talk to you about it and try to come up with solutions together!

4. Keep an Eye out for Teasing

While teasing is a common part of childhood play, as children get older it can sometimes become more harmful. Watch out for anything that might be said or done around your child that seems to genuinely hurt their feelings. If someone seems to be acting unkindly towards your child, speak to them about it and let them know that they don’t have to continue a friendship with someone who may be a bully.

5. Remind them That Popularity isn’t Everything

Sometimes children can feel as though they’re left out when they only have a couple of friends. As a parent, you can’t change their status at school, but you can remind them that a few close friends are worth all the acquaintances in the world. Plus, many of the most unpopular children throughout the world have grown up to be famous people, like Lady Gaga, or Christian Bale!

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