5 Awesome Things to Do In Montreal, Quebec with the Kids

5 Awesome Things to Do In Montreal, Quebec with the KidsMontreal is known for great delights. You’d be surprised about the wonderful things that you can do with your family. Montreal is referred to as ‘Canada’s Cultural Capital’ and thus has several cultural centers. The best places for families to enjoy.We have included some family activities for members to enjoy such as art museums, amusement

We have included some family activities for members to enjoy such as art museums, amusement parks, and zoos together with some cultural museums. On the bright side, we have also listed some of the best places to visit during the rainy days. Here they are :

1. Montreal Science Center

Montreal Science Center offers the most exciting adventure for those science nerds. If your kid enjoys science then this is the place for you take him/her. On the bright side, there’s an even better place for the deemed “cool” kids such as amazing stimulating environments that are created using some interactive devices depicting the future. How cool is that? I’m sure you family will enjoy every moment here.

2. Voiles en Voiles

The French term meaning “be pirate for a day,” has developed a pirate-like structure at the old port of Montreal to express Montreal’s stories. Well, now you and your family can be a pirate family. Furthermore, you can “dock” your ship and “sail” away through the obstacle courses and rig your way through the fun-packed filled environment.

3. Aquazilla

Do you love getting wet? Here’s your chance. The Aquazilla is an amazing place filled with bouncing castle, climb or splash. Aquazillas has been there for 25 years and continues providing exemplary services to its visitors. However, your kid must be at least 6 years old for them to be allowed inside.

4. Open Air Markets

Open air markets are places to experience world class adventure and Montreal doesn’t disappoint when it comes to this. In fact, most families enjoy their weekend with live entertainment. Once you’re there, be sure to check out the fascinating art by renowned artists like Janet Echleman.

5. Summer Festivals

Are you a fan of festivals? Well, if you’re not, Montreal will make you into one. One of the greatest Montreal experience is having a chance to be at the International Jazz Festival; something only a few get to experience. It’s pretty amazing if you ask me.

Are you planning a trip to Montreal?  Let us know in the comments what you are excited to do?

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  • My grandsons would go crazy over being a pirate for the day. I’ve never been to Montreal and I’ve always wanted to go. I would enjoy the open air markets.

  • Always nice to visit a place that is kids friendly and for those looking for a vacation with children this sounds like a great place to visit. You have listed some fun stuff to see and enjoy for every member of the family and the children still wouldn’t get bored.

  • robin Rue

    I love Montreal, but I haven’t been there since I was about 20! I would love to get back for a visit with the kids.

  • I would love to take my kids to Canada. They would like to do everything on this list.

  • Oh how fun! I’ve never been to Quebec! Even without kids these things look like so much fun! My bucket list is so long, I need a job where I can just travel all over the place! LOL

  • We have never been to Canada before but I would love to go. It looks like there is so much to do in Quebec.

  • Pam

    These all sound like great things for kinds to do. My kids would have loved AquaVenture.

  • Montreal looks amazing and definitely worth a visit. I love the video at the end as well.

  • Uh, be a pirate day is one of the best things ever! Arrr, me mateys. My dad used to make a lot of pirate jokes when I was younger!

  • I haven’t been to Canada yet, but am definitely looking forward to when I do. I love open air markets, so will have to make sure that’s a stop on my list 🙂

  • I have never been anywhere in Canada except Niagara Falls! I’d love to visit Montreal and lots of places there!

  • I went to Montreal a long, long time ago, back in the late 70s. I’ve wanted to go back again now that I’m an adult.

  • I think we’d love to do any of these if we ever make it to Montreal. And I really hope we do, it’s on my bucket list.

  • I went to Montreal many years ago. Now i would love to go back with the whole family. My kids would love all these activities, especially the science center.

  • We’ve never visited Canada before but I have always wanted to take the kids. I am loving this list! Narrows things down for me.

  • What a beautiful spot! So much to do and see and enjoy!!

  • Bonnie @wemake7

    So neat. My dad was born in Canada but I’ve only been there once. Would love to go again someday.

  • rika

    Thanks for sharing these suggestions! I have never been to Montreal but would like to visit with my kids soon.

  • I have always wanted to go to Montreal. Im glad to see there will be so much to do with my son once we get there!

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