3 Healthy Foods Kids Will Love

3 Healthy Foods Kids Will LoveIt can seem like a huge challenge when it comes to getting your kids to eat healthy. However, the entire situation can be made much easier when you choose the right foods. The fact is, when you carefully select healthy foods for your kids, they are going to love them and be encouraged to continue eating them.

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To get you started, consider introducing the following healthy foods to your kids.


This is a nutty, plant food that is full of good-for-you Omega 3 fatty acids. Flaxseed can be purchased either ground or whole, but research has shown that in ground form it is more easily absorbed by the body. To get your kids to eat more of this, sprinkle it on their cereal or into the batter of sweet treats. You can also replace a quarter of a cup of flower with flaxseed in pancakes, waffles, bread and other baked goods.

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Just hearing that word has probably made you begin to shake your head “no.” You are likely wondering how in the world you can convince your picky eater to snack on tofu. The key is to utilize tofu in ways that your kids won’t ever know what it is. For example, make cookies-and-cream ice cream or a blueberry power smoothie with tofu. It is full of iron, calcium, B vitamins and protein which are all nutrients kids need as they grow and develop. There are tons of healthy and delicious recipes out there that use tofu – be creative – your children’s growing bodies will thank you.

Sweet Potato

This is one of the most affordable and nutritious vegetables available today. The vitamin A present in sweet potatoes helps to keep eyes healthy and serves as an antioxidant in your body. While babies love sweet potatoes, they can be a treat for older kids as well. For example, simply bake a sweet potato and serve it like a baked potato with vanilla yogurt and cinnamon sugar. You can even make mashed sweet potatoes.

Believe it or not, integrating healthy foods into your child’s diet – regardless of their age – is not as difficult as you may think. With the foods here, you have several options to help you get started.

Do you have any healthy food ideas that you give to your children?  Share them with us in the comments below!

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  • Finding healthy food that kids will enjoy can be a challenge. Hiding stuff in their favorite things sometimes works too.

  • I love sweet potatoes and I make them often! Sweet potato fries and a casserole. It’s a delicious and healthy veggie!

  • Neely Moldovan

    Sweet potato is one of my fav things to make! Its so easy and good! Not a tofu person at all though

  • Erica Schwarz

    Sneaking tofu in a smoothie is brilliant. I love that idea and am going to try it.

  • Ali Rost

    These are all such great ideas for sneaking choices into our kid’s meals. For my grandson I’ve made sweet potato pancakes and he loves them. Also .. silky tofu is fun to blend into pudding! (Eater beware .. it’s addicting). Thanks so much for some great ideas!

  • I can’t see any child liking tofu….lolrotf…perhaps it is because I can’t see myself eating it

  • Nothing like a little guerilla nutrition. I’m lucky, though. My kids like to try new foods and like a wide range of healthy options.

  • I’ve never tried tofu myself but I have heard that it is very good for you. I wonder how my boys would feel about tasting it.

  • Oooo so many yummy foods!!! My daughter loved tofu when she was itty bitty!!! Now she’s scared of it -_-

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