10 Free Things to Do with Kids at Disney World

10 Free Things to Do with Kids at Disney WorldWe all love Disney World – but sometimes it can be more expensive than you’d expect. Those expensive hotels, costly flights, and park tickets all quickly add up, which can mean that you end up wondering if there’s anything in the happiest place on earth that you can do without a huge bill. Fortunately, we’re taking a look at just some of the free things that you and your kids can enjoy at WDW.

1.    Check Out Downtown Disney

There’s no cost for looking – at least not at Downtown Disney. Here, you and your kids can enjoy a beautiful family stroll, experiencing all of the incredible interactive fountains and displays along the way. There’s also a 3,000 square-foot play center at the LEGO imagination center for kids to enjoy.

2.    Visit the Boardwalk

Disney’s beautiful Boardwalk is located alongside the edge of a lake, and draws the memory to places like Coney Island or Cape May. It’s lovely to soak up the traditional atmosphere, and the kids are sure to enjoy playing with the funhouse mirrors, and watching street performers juggle and play jazz at night.

3.    Ride the Monorail

There’s no charge for riding the monorail, and for a few moments, you can get an exciting bird’s-eye view of the Magic Kingdom from your place atop the world. If you ask the cast member at the gate, you might even be able to ride with the driver.

4.    Watch the Lighted Water Pageant

Available to see every night, this stunning floating parade starts at 9pm, and can be seen from Disney’s Magic Kingdom beaches and hotel docks. It takes about an hour to move around the lake, leaving magic wherever they go.

5.    Watch the Fireworks

It’s almost a rite of passage for Disney guests to watch a Fireworks show, and if you’re lucky, you won’t need to fight the crowds for a great view. All you need to do is go to the Polynesian Disney resort and catch the show from across the lake. Parking is free if you tell the attendant you want to check out the hotel.

6.    Hunt for the Hidden Mickeys

The Imagineers at Disney World have a fun habit of incorporating hidden Mickey silhouettes throughout their constructions and designs, and you can have plenty of fun hunting them down for yourself. Be aware, there’s a lot!

7.    Catch a Movie

Depending on the weather, a lot of Disney-centric hotels will offer free outdoor screenings every night, and some also offer campfires with marshmallows, or everything you need to make your own s’mores.

8.    Go on a Mini Safari

Speaking of the benefits of staying at a WDW hotel, there are plenty of exotic animals like zebras and giraffes roaming the savannah outside of the Animal Kingdom lodge. You can visit the horses that work in the Magic Kingdom at their home in the Tri-Circle-D ranch, near fort wilderness, too.

9.    Learn how to Draw

At the Art of Animation Resort, an artist can teach your children how to sketch their favorite Disney characters, or you can learn how to become an artist for yourself!

10.  Ride a Boat

Finally, there are a host of free water taxis to explore, including ones that move around the rivers connecting Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Most of these boats are free to board, and can be a great way to see the sights.

Are you been to Disney World?  Have you found free things to do?  Please share them with us in the comments!

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  • robin Rue

    My boys love riding the monorail. We have spent many hours over the year just riding around in circles on the monorail LOL.

  • Tami Qualls

    I’m all for catching the free activities. Disney World can get very pricey if you are not careful.

  • Catherine Sargent

    These are all great ideas and you can never go wrong with free. We love to ride the Monorail and check out all of the different hotels.

  • These are great tips to know before visiting because I know it can get really costly visiting

  • Rosey

    I’d been to Disney about ten times before I discovered Disney Springs. What a treat it was to be there, and now we always go.

  • These are all great suggestions! My husband and I may make a trip out there this June! 🙂

  • Jim

    This is awesome! I don’t live far from Disney. I often don’t go because of the money, but these are some great suggestions!

    Thank you

  • Always a fun place to be, no matter what age group you find yourself in. These are great so we don’t have to re-invent the wheel.