Revealed: Top 10 Nutrition Tips

Revealed: Top 10 Nutrition TipsWe all want to eat healthily, but doing so is often easier said than done. The truth of the matter is that few of us actually think about the food that we eat. Instead, we just grab whatever we can, when we can. It’s no big surprise that this is not the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you want to improve your nutrition and your health, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 tips that you should apply to your daily life.

Snack on nuts

If you crave snacks throughout the day, this is a tip for you. Forget eating chips and dip, and reach for something a little healthier. Nuts make a great snack as they have ‘healthy’ fats in them. Plus, they are a great source of protein too.

Drink water before you eat

Many of us overeat, which is really unhealthy. To curb this problem, make sure that you have a large glass of water before meals. This little trick will stop you eating more than you need.

Use extra virgin olive oil

Forget cooking fat! Instead, you need to make sure that you always use extra virgin olive oil. This type of oil is better for your heart, skin, and hair. Bonus.

Avoid pre-packaged food

Here’s the truth: You have absolutely no idea what’s in pre-packaged food. If you tend to buy ready meals all the time, you need to stop. Period.

Avoid crash-dieting

Crash-dieting is awful for your health. Rather than going on some mad diet, you need to make sure that you lead a generally healthy lifestyle. Trust me, it will make all the difference.

Don’t drink fizzy soda

Soda is packed full of sugar and additives. If you want to be healthy, one of the best things you can do is cut these drinks out for good. It might be hard to begin with but it will make a huge difference to how you feel.

Sleep for 8 hours a night

Do you get enough sleep? You might think that sleep and nutrition have nothing to do with one another, but that is so not the case! In reality, unless you get around 8 hours per night, your health will suffer. Remember that and you will go far!

Drink coffee (in moderation!)

You have probably heard a load of terrible things about coffee. Well, not all rumours are true, you know? In truth, caffeine can help you to speed up your metabolism more than you know. What’s more, it also contains loads of antioxidants.

Eat fish at least once a week

Never underestimate the power of fatty fish! You absolutely need these fats in your diet if you want to be as healthy as possible. Every week, make sure that you have at least one meal that consists mainly of grilled, tasty fish. Yum.

Avoid overcooked meat!

If you happen to like your meat ‘well done’, I have some bad news for you. Having charred or overcooked meats is really very bad for you. When you overcook meat the vitamins and minerals burn away. Yikes. Have your meat medium rare instead. You won’t regret it.

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