Luxury Wedding Proposals – The Latest Trend In Marriage Proposals

Luxury Wedding Proposals - The Latest Trend In Marriage Proposals“I’m in the business of making women cry,” says Nicolas Garreau, “If the tears didn’t come I would feel I had failed in some way.” Nicolas is a: A. cad, b. rogue, c. scoundrel, d. villain, e. none of the above?

Believe it or not, Nicolas is actually in the business of making women’s loftiest, most romantic wedding proposal dreams come true – hence the tears!

He runs ApoteoSurprise in Paris, and since its 2006 inception, the starry-eyed dream maker has “staged” over 1,500 over-the-top, fantasy proposals.


Welcome to the latest trend in marriage proposals: luxury staged proposals where money is no object. One groom-to-be actually formed a London theater production of Romeo and Juliet, and staged it solely for the purpose of proposing to his betrothed onstage (cost $4,000; ring not included!).

According to another proposal planner, her most expensive production cost $52,000 for a New York, rooftop locale, including a string quartet and a celebration meal. A 9-foot orchid proposal arch, a bespoke monogram at the bottom of the pool, and, be still my heart, gifted Manolo Blahnik shoes rounded out the lavish event.

Proposal planning is the latest fad to cater to suitors wanting to create a memorable, one-of-a-kind proposal. And I don’t mean letting-the-kiss-cam-capture-your, “I do’s” at-the-ballpark kind of memorable.


The latest popping-the-question trend is an up and comer; last year it accounted for $1.2 billion within the $72 billion U.S. wedding services industry.

According to Michele Velazquez of The Heart Bandits in Los Angeles, the business of staging engagements started as a simple upgrade option within traditional wedding planning.

Her company, which deals only with proposal planning, launched in 2010. Since then she’s helped 2,000 couples create the ultimate, personalized wedding proposal. She says that the niche is growing, and she fields inquiries from individuals all over the globe who want to know how to start a similar business.

But potential business owners beware; proposal planning is all about romance, passion, and love, so proprietors must love the idea of being in love if they expect to be successful!

Or, as proposal planner Nicolas Garreau puts it, his industry is all about creating, “a romantic bubble” in which you nurture feelings of anticipation and suspense, all the way to the inevitable, “emotional peak.”

But it seems that love isn’t the only element driving this new wedding niche. The need to compete with one’s peers, as well as people they’ve never met, motivates many couples to devise and record the ultimate intimate moment.

Most proposal planners agree: their customers are just as eager to create a highly personal moment as they are to then turn about and share it with a world of strangers online!

What do you think of these wedding proposals? How did your significant other propose to you? Have you see any creative proposals? Let us know in the comments!

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