Are You Getting A Good Night’s Sleep?

Are You Getting A Good Night's Sleep?Are you getting a good night’s sleep? Do you even know what constitutes a good night’s sleep? New sleep research sheds some light on these questions, but the answers may surprise you!

After conducting an all-encompassing study, the National Sleep Foundation has just issued some interesting findings on the science of sleep. How do you think your quality of sleep rates to the national average? Do you suspect that you may have a sleep problem?

If you spend more than 30 minutes trying to fall to sleep, researchers believe that you’re experiencing poor quality sleep each night. Likewise, if you wake up too early and it takes more than half an hour to fall back to sleep, you likely have a sleep problem.

And, if you wake more than once during the night or spend less than 85% of your sleep time actually sleeping, you’re not getting a good night’s rest according to researchers.

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The problem extends beyond a lack of shut-eye. Lack of sleep is linked to weight gain and depression and it could put you at greater risk for diabetes and heart disease.

The reasons for not getting a good night’s rest range from stress, computers, and work worries; but if you have a sleep problem I don’t need to tell you that!

Do you use a Fitbit or similar device to keep track of your vitals? If so, digital technology can be a terrific partner in helping you to get the upper hand on your sleep habits and health.

According to Dr. Max Hirshkowitz, chairman of the board of directors at the National Sleep Foundation, “these devices provide a glimpse into one’s sleep universe, which is otherwise unknown.”

So, how many hours of sleep do the experts recommend? Not surprisingly it depends on your age. While sleeping for more than half of the day works for newborns and infants, try getting away with that as an adult!

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On average, teens should get around 8-10 hours of quality sleep a night, while 7-9 hours should suffice for adults. And while naps are great mid-day refreshers, experts suggest that the benefits max out after about an hour and a half of siesta time.

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