England The Perfect Place to Spend Valentine’s Day

England The Perfect Place to Spend Valentine's DayHome to some of film and literature’s most passionate, star-crossed lovers, merry old England is the perfect place to celebrate that most romantic of days, St. Valentine’s Day.

Historic and modern love stories abound among England’s moody moors and bustling city streets. Come February 14, why not let your romantic inclinations run wild in one or more of these fabulous handholding destinations?

If Romeo and Juliet are your ultimate loved-up couple, you can’t miss a visit to Shakespeare’s England. The Bard passed from this earth 401 years ago, but his spirit lives on in the evocative settings that influenced him. Here you can visit Anne Hathaway’s storied cottage, stroll through Knight’s Village, and meander around fragrant Hall’s Croft garden.

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If modern movie couples are more your thing, how about a trip to the place where Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant fell in love on film? The real Notting Hill is as charming and lovely as the movie of the same name! You’ll be able to take in most of the film’s landmarks during an afternoon stroll, including the Travel Bookshop.

Just around the corner on Portobello Road, you’ll encounter the bookstore featured in the movie; today it’s a shoe shop!

Whether you’re a “Sense and Sensibility,” movie buff or book fan (or both!) there’s an abundance of places to appreciate when you’re in England.

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Chawton is the location of the Jane Austen House Museum. Among the historic artifacts resting within its quaint four walls is Austen’s well-used work table. On it she wrote, “Emma,” and made revisions to, “Pride and Prejudice,” as well as, “Sense and Sensibility.”

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