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The Curse of Oak Island Review Episode 14, Preview of Episode 15 The Finale


The Curse of Oak Island Review Episode 14, Preview of Episode 15 The FinaleIs, The Curse of Oak Island, finally over? It is if you believe that blood is thicker than water! Viewers of The History Channel’s family-friendly adventure show know that legend claims seven people must die before bountiful island treasure is found; six have perished to date. But a huge tease in last night’s episode reveals that the hidden treasure cache has been discovered!

If so, the curse is over because there has not been a seventh death, and by extension, “The Curse,” is over because the wild, obsessive, expensive chase for treasure has ended!

Or has it? What if the teased findings, which include a gold-colored coin, are just the beginning of another epic treasure hunt? One meager coin does not a treasure make; if the team has indeed found evidence of treasure, then the real search has just begun!

For over 220 years dogged explorers have been digging up Oak Island, Nova Scotia in the hopes of finding the riches rumored to be buried there. Everything from Captain Kidd’s pirate loot, Knights Templar treasure, the Golden Menorah, Shakespeare’s lost manuscripts, even Marie Antoinette’s stolen jewels are alleged to be here!

Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are the latest to join in the quest for historic treasure and artifacts. Will they be the last?

If revelations from this week’s episode, “Of Sticks and Stones,” holds true, their team may have just hit the pay dirt that two centuries of explorers have dreamed of.

Viewers learned last night that dark, dank wood (possibly from a treasure chest?) recovered from their third and most recent excavation site, C1, dates back to 1655!

But before the team could celebrate their historic find, reality set in. Subsequent plunges (down to 148 feet) with their giant, Pac-man-like metallic jaws recovered only clay and stone in the hole; no wood.

Bitterly disappointed, the usually even-tempered Marty threw his hard hat on the dirt, and exclaimed, “This place could annoy the Dalai Lama!”

Perpetually optimistic Rick was then informed that with money running out, and nothing of value yet found, the search may have just reached a dead end.

“There’s a difference between being disappointed and being dissuaded,” Rick retorted. “Let’s look at the data…”

“It’s quiet contemplation time.”

“All is not lost,” Rick vowed.

Rick and Marty retreat to the War Room, where dig strategy is discussed and decisions made. Can Rick persuade budget conscious Marty to sink more money into digging a fourth hole in the area named, ironically, “The Money Pit?”

Rick is asked if he would have regrets if a fourth hole isn’t dug. When he responds in the affirmative, Marty acquiesces and the brothers proclaim the last excavation site will be called, “GAL 1,” after their late, beloved parents, George and Ann Lagina.

“No one deserves this more than you,” Marty tells Rick, hugging him. “You are the least self-aggrandizing person I know.”

They clinch again, and, clearly choked up, Rick proclaims, “Let’s do this together.”

Blood is thicker than water. Will the tight-knit Lagina family reverse the curse of Oak Island, will they find treasure in the fourth and final watery pit they’re about to dig?

Spoilers for next week’s episode, “Blood is Thicker,” reveal that Rick and Marty do finally find something shiny and golden at the GAL 1 site. Is it actual treasure or fool’s gold?

Don’t miss the February 21, 2017 two-hour season finale of the History Channel’s, “The Curse of Oak Island,” at 9/8C. Could this really be the last time that we see the fellowship of the dig in action?

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  1. Stephen Allen says

    I enjoyed watching the show over past few seasons. I like the way you brought the whole thing together. It can be difficult trying to film a show when alot people just want to see the final result. But the history behind this island is amazing in itself. Even if they find the gold i would hope the History Channel continues to explore how and why the Island was Built

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