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The Curse of Oak Island Overview – Why To Watch

The Curse of Oak Island Overview - Why To WatchThe History Channel’s, docu-reality-drama, “The Curse of Oak Island,” is must-see TV for the armchair adventurer with an appetite for living vicariously as ordinary people experience, and live through, the most extraordinary things in the most photogenic places on earth.

This one hour weekly series that began in 2014 follows the compelling real-life family drama that plays out during a highly sophisticated, multimillion dollar quest to find lost treasures of epic proportions in and around the dazzling, rugged Canadian Maritimes.

Young Michigan brothers Marty and Rick Lagina became fascinated with Oak Island, Nova Scotia after reading an article about the legendary Canadian land mass in a 1965 Reader’s Digest magazine.

The article described the real-life treasure island in such vivid detail, that it turned out to be pure catnip to the young boys’ wild imaginations.

Their fixation with possible Oak Island treasure persisted into adulthood, and when they learned in 2006 that part of the island was for sale, their adventure-seeking DNA went into overdrive. Currently they are the majority-landowners on the infamous island.

Fast forward a few decades, and today the brothers, along with a crew of friends and family of all ages and all walks of life, have spent their summers digging, probing, and excavating the island in the ardent hope that it will give up its secrets. Did I mention that this band of merry adventurers have spent millions (and millions, many, many millions actually!) of their own dollars to fund the expedition?

This is no fly by night operation, the brothers are in it for the long haul, and viewers will be too. In addition to getting an up close view each week of the progress made in the island’s swamps, pits, and coves, viewers get to see the endearing dynamic of two brothers who are investing their entire beings into solving a childhood mystery together.

After a failed experiment in one episode, older, stoic brother Rick ultimately surmised, “I’m all in.” But when younger, more emotional brother Marty said he wants to, “quit,” Rick gives him a hilariously evil stink eye reserved only for the most annoying, and beloved, of relatives!

So, just what do they expect to find on this 140 acre speck floating in the Atlantic Ocean you ask? Only the Arc of the Covenant, The Holy Chalice, the Golden Menorah, irreplaceable historical documents like Shakespeare’s lost manuscripts, plus millions of dollars of pirate’s gold. And that’s just the treasure they know about!

And lest you think they’ve naïve crackpots searching for fool’s gold, they have two centuries of historical activity and lore to back up these wild claims.

Over the years many well-known and reputable adventurers have traipsed across, and invested in, the island in search of the rumored treasures buried there, including a young Franklin Roosevelt, and the actors John Wayne and Errol Flynn.

Are you hooked yet? Be sure to catch the latest episode of, “The Curse of Oak Island,” on The History Channel this Tuesday night at 9/8c. Could this be the episode in which the brothers make one of the biggest treasure discoveries of all time? Be sure to tune in and find out!

  1. Bonnie Hartmann says

    Great article! I’m definitely hooked, just like the brothers. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  2. Susan Campbell says

    I will be right there watching the show. I’m a huge fan and I’m always keeping my fingers crossed that some extraordinary piece of treasure will be uncovered.

  3. Leslie Woolford says

    I wish they hadn’t forgotten about the corn the corn is supposed to block the Box drains from the Cove so it’ll stop flooding the holes that they’re going into.

  4. Anne Lada says

    Love the Curse of Oak Island. Frustrating to watch but I’m excited to find the light at the end of the tunnel (literally) treasure. And the boys are from Michigan. Yay!

  5. Donna McNeil says

    I got hooked on this show by my mom , she told me about it and also my husband is from Nova Scotia!!! I am intreaged I PVR every time!!!

  6. Beverley Fisher says

    I can’t miss a show. It’s like a thriller series. I PVR the show so I can sit in piece and watch it. Those boys have loads of spunk and I wish them good luck in finding the treasures, not just for them but for me and the other fans as well. Ooooh exciting.

  7. Beverley Fisher says

    I meant “sit in peace”.. hate this spell check.

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  9. lind falkenstein says

    Totally into this historic work. I must hand out a big ATTA-BOY to everyone involved with this project.. I wait on pins and needles every week for the show, and wish I could be young again to do things like this. Thank you go great Television entertainment.

  10. Ellen Quinn says

    Great show … can’t wait for the next episode. 🙂

  11. Susie Whynacht says

    I cannot go to sleep unless I see the show on Sunday night,I am totally hooked or for better words addicted. I hope the whole team have great success and can’t wait to do the tour,love you all and thank you for all the history and keeping us entertained

    1. patricia blackwell says

      my husband and i watch it every week,we love,can’t wait until they found more than wood.

  12. Karen Jeffries says

    I don’t think it’s treasure down there or it would have been found. What’s buried there was not meant to be found.lve followed this story for years. This should be left alone.

  13. Sue says

    Why isn’t the show on anymore? Did they find anything more? Are they getting closer? All of a sudden the show disappeared!

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