How To Beat Your Sugar Addiction

How To Beat Your Sugar AddictionThere are so many good reasons to cut down on sugar this time of year: New Year’s resolutions, the upcoming bikini season, Lent, and of course improved health. But did you know that hidden sugars lurk in many of the foods and beverages we consume daily?

Candy and sodas are obvious sugar culprits, but if you think that cutting them out will have you on easy street, think again! Breakfast cereal, fruit juice, and alcohol are all overlooked sources of sugar.

But don’t despair, we have a few tips that will give you the upper hand when it comes to wrestling down your sugar demons!

The American Heart Association suggests that women limit their sugar intake to 24 grams, with 36 grams recommended for men.

But drinking just one glass of orange juice, at 25 grams, puts most of us has over our daily sugar limit!

Instead, skip the juices and prepackaged cereals for a breakfast rich in protein. If you absolutely need a sweet fix in the morning, ditch the fruit-flavored yogurts and make a healthier version with plain yogurt and fresh fruit.

Or, try spreading peanut butter or bananas on your toast rather than sugar-bomb jams and jellies.

Sweet tea is everywhere these days, but remind yourself that you’re sweet enough just as you are! If going cold turkey isn’t your thing, you can reduce the amount of sugar that you stir into your drinks by half, each and every day.

Likewise, you can decrease the amount of added sugar in most recipes without a major taste difference; consider using a sugar substitute in baked treats like cookies and cakes.

Remember, you don’t have to go it alone in the war on sugar! Tracking your daily intake becomes a lot easier when you use an app or food diary each day.

But the easiest way to cut down on sugar is to keep it out of the house in the first place. With a little creativity you can still eat your cake and have it too!

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  • One of the things that helps me is preparing my breakfast the night before (as in me having oatmeal 😀 )

  • Jacqui Odell

    I need to share this with my dad. He’s suppose to be cutting back on the sugar but seems to struggle with it a lot.’s the caffeine!