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10 Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

10 Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With so many people trying to get healthy in the New Year, giving chocolates and other sweets may not be an option on Valentine’s Day. But fear not; as there are still plenty of fun and thoughtful gifts you can give that don’t involve a gob of calories. Take a peek below at 10 healthy Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can give. These gift ideas are sure to impress your recipient while helping them stay on track at the same time.

1. A fruit basket.
Fruit baskets are a fun and colorful gift that anyone will enjoy. Opt for a fancy variety such as the ones offered by Edible Arrangements, or try making your own with fresh fruit and a beautiful basket. Add your recipient’s favorites and they are sure to be impressed.

2. Get nutty.
Roasted nuts are so tasty and full of protein and healthy oils. Create a gift basket of various nuts (peanuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews) as well as nut spreads. They are perfect for a valentine who enjoys a savory treat.

3. Shake it up.
Does your valentine enjoy healthy smoothies and shakes? Then a shake cup, blender, smoothie maker, or shake mixes might be a fun treat. Don’t forget to add some fresh fruit to the gift as well so they can start shaking it up right away.

4. Wow them with water.
Eight glasses of water a day can help one be healthy and lose weight. Give your valentine a water filtration system, a water diffusing bottle, or even a new decorative water bottle. This is a great way to help them remember to drink 8 glasses a day.

5. Give them whole grain.
Whole grain and fiber does wonder for our bodies. Treat your valentine to whole grain, high fiber fruit muffins. Your local bakery should have some healthy alternatives. If you can’t find any, find a tasty recipe online and make your own.

6. Enjoy some savory seafood.
Fish is low in calories and high in essential oils and fats. Treat your valentine to a nice seafood dinner full of baked or broiled seafood and fresh vegetables. It will feel like a feast for a king or queen yet be healthy for them at the same time.

7. A yoga mat.
Not all gifts need to be edible! Does your valentine enjoy getting fit? A new yoga mat may be a fantastic gift! There are so many colors and varieties to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one for them to put to use.

8. Hand weights.
Help your valentine get fit and tone with a new pair of hand weights. There are so many exercises they can try with these weights even if they are short on time.

9. Fitness gift card.
If your valentine loves spinning, Zumba, and other fun fitness classes, why not give them a gift card to their local fitness center that offers these classes? It is sure to be a hit.

10. Work out towel.
Treat your valentine to a soft new work out towel, perfect for taking along to their work outs. Find fun colors and patterns, and if you want you can even add a gym bag to match.

This Valentine’s Day, give your valentine gifts that are not only fun but healthy as well. Give these 10 healthy Valentine’s Day gift ideas a try and see how much they are appreciated.

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  1. valmg @ From Val's Kitchen says

    What a terrific list for those looking for more gift ideas! I really like the shake/smoothie maker suggestion.

  2. Amy Lynn Desrosiers says

    I am going to take the healthier approach this year too! I think nuts and fruit are great gift ideas!

  3. Beeb says

    I totally gave my fiance a yoga mat for his birthday one year! He had been wanting one and we still use it. I even used it as the aisle runner when I hosted a small wedding in my living room years ago, so who knew yoga mats could be so romantic? LOL! Great list. 🙂

  4. Fatima says

    I have not even started thinking about Valentines day yet and so glad to have come across this post.Great ideas and tips.

  5. kathryn Maher says

    Some great alternative and healthy options here to give your loved one on Valentines day. I agree giving gifts of chocs and big meals when someone is trying to stay healthy is just not fair.

  6. Ana Ojha says

    Some great gift ideas list! My favorite would be gifting a fitness card!

  7. sabrina barbante says

    you gave me a great idea!! A yoga session is what I’ll give to my BF next month!! Thank you

  8. Rashmi and Chalukya says

    These are some amazing ideas. What can be better than giving your loved ones some healthy goals for the year ahead. Fitness gift card and fruit basket sounds awesome.

  9. Rodanthi Dimou says

    I love your ideas! A smoothie maker will make a perfect gift for my Valentine! I would also consider a fruit basket, it’s so much better than chocolates.

  10. Kimberly C. says

    I like all the fitness gifts. This will come in handy next month. Note to self… show this list to hubby 😉

  11. Debbie-jean Lemonte says

    A water filtration system would make me a happy girl! I’ve been trying to settle into this new apartment, so that would be perfect.

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