Going Green – Healthy Household Cleaning Hacks

Going Green - Healthy Household Cleaning Hacks

If you were to open your kitchen cupboard right now, how many bottles of chemical-filled cleaning products would you find?  Cleaning is necessary, especially if you have a house full of messy kids and pets.  But, over the years cleaning products have become filled with unpronounceable chemicals, and rather dangerous to our quality of living.

Going green is all the rage, and for obvious reasons, who wants their house drenched in chemicals?  And, who wants potentially deadly chemicals lying around their house?  If you have to wear gloves and/or a mask while using your cleaning products, shouldn’t you be concerned about using them to clean everyday household items that you use on a regular basis.  What are the long-term effects of being exposed to those chemicals?


We put together a list of healthy household cleaning hacks, that are all natural, and actually could save you money in the long run.  Check them out and feel free to share any of your own natural cleaning tips in the comments below!

Oven Cleaner

Have you ever used a can of oven cleaner on your oven, and felt like the fumes were going to make you pass out?  Is it even safe to cook your food in the oven after filling it with the harsh cleaning chemicals?  Ovens are especially tricky to clean, and usually full of burnt spilled food, but a cider and vinegar mixture will actually do the trick just as well as a pricey and dangerous can of oven cleaner.

Furniture Polish

Sure, lemony fresh furniture polish smells great and keeps your woodwork looking amazing, but have you ever read the list of ingredients? Mixing 3 parts olive oil with 1 part water is a perfect solution for all natural furniture polish.  And, if you want a lemony scent you can even add a few drops of a citrus essential oil to keep your house smelling fresh.

Toilet Cleaner

Bathroom cleaners are right up there with oven cleaners when it comes to the level of dangerous chemicals being used.  But, rather than scrubbing your toilet with cleaner that burns the inside of your nose, you can reduce the amount of stain and bacteria build-up by flushing a cup of baking soda down your toilet once a week.  Bonus – it also will break down any gunk or buildup in your pipes and prevent clogging.


Rug Powder

Do you buy pricey scented rug powders and deodorizers to sprinkle on your carpet before you vacuum?  Sure the house smells great afterward, but did you ever notice that you can taste the powder on your tongue for an hour after you vacuum?  Rather than buying pricey rug powders, you can sprinkle Baking soda on your rug instead, it’s a proven odor-buster.  And, if you have pets, its much safer for them to lick baking soda off their paws, rather than chemicals in store-bought rug powder.

Windows And Glass

Have you noticed that some stores are jumping on the all natural cleaning bandwagon and have vinegar based window cleaners in the Windex aisle.  It’s great but also foolish for you to pay for when you can mix up some vinegar and water at home.  The next time you run out of glass cleaner, rather than buying more Windex, mix up some water and 2-3 TBSP of white vinegar in a spray bottle.  You will be pleasantly surprised by how effective it is!

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