DIY: Easy Reindeer Dixie Cup Craft

DIY: Easy Reindeer Dixie Cup CraftPoor Rudolf wasn’t allowed to play in any reindeer games, but Santa needed that reindeer to guide is sleigh. These reindeer Dixie cup crafts come not only as a fun way to enjoy the holidays but a lesson for all little boys and girls. Teach your kids that just because someone is different doesn’t mean they aren’t special.

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unique, but similar reindeer for the holidays.

What You Need

Paper Dixie cups
Googly eyes
Red Pom-Pom balls
Brown pipe cleaners
Brown spray paint
Hot glue/hot glue gun
Green and white twine
Small jingle bells


  1. Spray paint your paper cups brown with your spray paint in a well ventilated area or outside and let dry
  2. Hot glue two googly eyes onto the front of each cup
  3. Then hot glue a red Pom-Pom ball under the eyes
  4. Fold your brown pipe cleaners in half, twist, and fold the pipe cleaners back and forth to look like antlers
  5. Now glue one set on the back of each cup
  6. Loop a jingle bell onto a 24″ piece of twine, wrap it around the bottom of your reindeer, and tie into a knot to hold it in place

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