10 Unique Elf On The Shelf Ideas

10 Unique Elf On The Shelf IdeasWe know him well by now, and he never seems to stay put on the shelf leaving many of us wondering about his namesake in the first place.  If you have already jumped aboard the Elf on the Shelf bandwagon you know that coming up with those daily ideas about where to stash him can drain a parent’s creativity as fast as coming up with explanations for how Santa gets around the world in one night.  No worries, you have come to the right place, here are 10 unique Elf on the Shelf ideas for you to try out this Christmas season.

  1. Take him on a trip

This requires unpacking him from your Christmas decor a week or so in advance.  Once you secretly remove him from all the other holiday accoutrements, take him to McDonald’s, your work, wherever and snap some photos on your cell phone.  These are quick and easy  ways to simply print off a photo to let him sit next to and leave him in the same spot from day to day…little minds will wonder how in the world he got to McDonald’s, mom’s work, the gym, etc while he was on his way to the North pole to report to Santa!

  1. Use a video App

It is rare that a parent does not possess a smart phone these days so use yours to your advantage.  Make a few quick stop motion videos with a movie maker (you know the kind that 9-year-olds use for lego movies) and then leave your phone in Elfie’s lap for your child to discover.

  1. Let him play “hangman”

This one is simple enough, go ahead and put him on the shelf, hey that is where he belongs anyway, and leave him a piece of paper with a ready made hangman phrase…just help your child play for the phrase in the a.m.

  1. Have him hand out a clue

He could be holding a small note with a clue inside when your child figures out the clue, it should lead them to a small treat or surprise (a favorite candy bar anyone?)


  1. He wants in…through the window

Poor Elfie must have gotten stuck outside, use some electrical tape and stick him to an obvious window, he wants back in but somehow got locked out, funny though he can look through the window all day long. (just be sure it is not going to be a rainy day!)

  1. Shipped to the house?

You can leave a gift wrapped shoebox on the front porch with your treasured Elf inside.  You can even let your little ones open the gift that some stranger left on the porch!  Oh, it’s just your Elfie…maybe he has a note and some “kisses” from the north pole.

  1. Some Elves are naughty

This one takes less time to set up then to clean up (let the kids do that).  Just sacrifice a roll of toilet paper and let your Elf t.p. the living room, your kids may have seen this done to people’s trees but not likely their own living room!

  1. No chores today?

If your child has a chore list let your Elf give him/her a break for the day by simply using a marker and making a big “X” across the day’s chores.


  1. Twice the fun?

Have more than one child?  Maybe Elfie needs a friend… Pick up another Elf and let him/her arrive back from the North Pole with your original family member.

  1. New clothes from Ebay/Amazon?

Elfie can be found hanging out on your computer keyboard with a new outfit pulled up on screen as well as the same new digs laying next to him/her.  (No worries, look up mummy costume and wrap your Elf in toilet paper if you don’t want to spend cash).

So see, at least for 10 days we’ve got you covered!

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