Ways To Celebrate National Family Literacy Month And Get Your Kids Interested In Reading

Ways To Celebrate National Family Literacy Month And Get Your Kids Interested In ReadingWhen we think of November, naturally we think of Thanksgiving.  But, it’s also National Family Literacy Month – and your family’s education is probably as high on your priority list as stuffing a turkey.  National Family Literacy Day was officially celebrated back in 1994 and over the years, local schools, libraries, and community groups began hosting activities and other events throughout the entire month of November to create awareness of the importance of schools, communities, and families working together to give our children a solid education.

Believe it or not, National Family Literacy Month is not ALL about reading books – however, that is a key component to the movement, for obvious reasons.  And, sadly, over the years books have become nearly obsolete in households, thanks to television, video games, and other internet-powered gadgets.


In honor of National Family Literacy Month, we put together a list of fun activities to do with your kids that will help get them interested in reading again.

Head To The Library

It sounds absurd, but when was the last time you took your kids to the library?  Have they ever been at all?  Pick a rainy afternoon this month, pack a bag, and head to your local library with your little ones.  Rather than rushing through – take some time and teach them how to look up books or topics that interest them in the catalogue, enjoy their reading areas rather than taking the books home, and before you leave check out the bulletin board to see what kind of fun clubs or activities are being held at the library that your kids might want to participate in.

Family Book Club

It sounds lame – but if you serve the right snacks, like ice cream Sundays for example, then chances are your kids will show up.  Pick a book that is appropriate for all ages, and host a family book club in your livingroom.  Rather than arguing over hot topics in the book, which might put your little ones to sleep, play some trivia games or maybe a round of Charades based on the chapter you read.  If you want to up the ante, you can even hand out treats or prizes to the person who finishes the book first.


Write Your Own Stories

There are two kinds of kids – the kids that love getting absorbed in other people’s stories, or the kids that like to create their own stories.  Encourage your kids to write short stories, and even help them edit their mini books and head to Kinko’s and get them bound like a real book.  You might even be able to find a short story contest for their age group online.  Who knows, you might have a future author on your hands!

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  • I love these tips. I think more parents need to take an active approach to getting their kids to read. Most kids have to learn to love reading.

  • I love these ideas. I’ve been instilling a love of reading in my kids ever since they were old enough to have story time. It’s excellent for their overall education, plus books are just plain fun.

  • Catherine S

    These are great tips. My son started to really get into reading when he was 16 and he is now in the process of writing a book.

  • I have always had a natural love for reading, but that is not the case with all of my kids. Visiting the library allows them to choose books that capture their interest, which encourages them to want to read more.

  • I love to read, and my kids love when we read together. We actually have never been to the library together (they’re 3 and 1) so I may have to head there soon for story time soon!

  • Great ideas!!! My kids love going to the library and reading.

  • Pam Wattenbarger

    These are great ways to celebrate National Literacy Month. We have a great library here in my town and we love taking my granddaughter on Saturdays.

  • Kr

    I love these tips! I’m very thankful to be raising avid readers like myself.

  • I was the kid that liked to write their own stories, and so was one of my cousins, we’d steal the typewriter and type up our own screenplays and ‘books’! 🙂

  • Such a great reminder to encourage kids to read real books! Sharing this with my kids!

  • Jeanine

    Such a good reminder. we are heading to the library tomorrow and my kids can’t wait to sign out some new books!

  • Writing our own stories happens a lot and it’s a great way to get the kids creative juices flowing. Didn’t know they had a month for this. Very neat!

  • Reading is so, so important. Love that you’ve found ways to celebrate literacy together as a family.

  • Reesa Lewandowski

    I love the idea of a family book club! I need to start this!

  • Rizza Smith

    These are an awesome ideas, i should try this to my son. Glad you share this

  • Brianne

    Reading in our home is super important. I am loving your tips, especially the family book club!

  • Christina Aliperti

    These are great tips! My son was rough with reading but my nieces love to read and actually remind their parents when they forget their daily reading.

  • I would absolutely vouch for the write-your-own-story thing and it works well in the library, so that’s two cups with one spoon! A year ago I didn’t even know that we had this kind of occasion, it’s a good opportunity for kids and parents to bond together with communication.