Tips For Cutting Thanksgiving Carbs!

Tips For Cutting Thanksgiving Carbs!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and it’s the one day a year we binge on every comfort food imaginable. If the next day you feel horribly guilty and devastated that you wrecked your diet – you are not alone. When you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner for your family, they expect all the trimmings, and healthy substitutes don’t go over too well with your guests. So, what can you do?

We put together a list of surefire tips and tricks to cut some of the carbs out of this year’s Thanksgiving dinner without your family even noticing. Cutting carbs out of your Thanksgiving dinner seems impossible, but believe it or not is doable. This year don’t wreck your diet on Thanksgiving, try these helpful tricks in the kitchen!


Cranberry Sauce – The Silent Diet Killer

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving dinner without a can of jiggly and yummy cranberry sauce, and one slice is never enough. Now, here’s the scary part, there are roughly 22 grams of carbohydrates in just ONE of those slices. Obviously, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving dinner without cranberry sauce, but this year try making it from scratch, which is much quicker and easier than it sounds. There are cranberry sauce recipes all over the internet, simply switch out the sugar for Splenda and you will remove literally over half of the carbs in the dish.

Sugar-Free Cool Whip

Cool Whip is a necessity on thanksgiving, my family goes through more tubs of Cool Whip than pies. It really is amazing how much Cool Whip we slather on one small piece of pumpkin pie. And, if you check the carbs on a tub of Cool Whip, you will be mortified. This year, pay the extra ten cents and purchase sugar-free Cool Whip instead. The pie is so sweet – most of your guests won’t even notice that the Cool Whip isn’t as sweet.

Serve A Salad

Typically, our Thanksgiving spreads are salad free. With all those main dishes, who even remembers to toss a salad? Obviously, if you have been up all night cooking, you don’t want to take the time to chop up a head of lettuce. When you go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner this year, grab a bag of pre-made salad. When you are serving dinner, just dump it into a bowl. This year, eat a light salad before you chow down on the main course, you’ll be more likely to eat less of the carb-filled dishes!



Stuffing is a necessity at Thanksgiving dinner, and everyone makes it differently. If you are one of those hard-core Thanksgiving dinner chefs that make your stuffing from scratch with bread – opt for a whole wheat loaf of bread rather than a traditional doughy bread. A lot of instant stuffings now offer healthier lower carb alternatives too.

Almond Flour Pies

Thanksgiving dinner is typically the one time a year that we don’t cheat and buy pre-made pie crusts. Making pie crust from scratch requires a TON of flour. And, that means that it is full of carbs before you even add the yummy, sweet filling. So, this year, try using almond flour as an alternative, it has less than half the carbs and gives your pies a nice nutty flavoring.

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