DIY Hair Perfume Recipe For National Fragrance Month

DIY Hair Perfume Recipe For National Fragrance MonthNovember is national fragrance month, so it seems fitting to discuss one of the hottest new beauty trends out there right now – hair perfume.  In all honesty, hair perfume has probably been around longer than some of us have been, but the essential oil trend has breathed new life in to the timeless beauty hack.

Our hair holds more fragrance than our clothes or skin ever dreamed of.  And, if you have ever spent an evening in a smoky bar or an afternoon in a barn full of livestock, you know how true this really is.  Let’s be honest, some of us overwash our hair, despite lectures from our stylist, just because of the fact that we love the smell of a clean and shampooed mane.


Hair perfume can cost you anywhere from $5.00 to $50.00, depending on the scent, brand, and other benefits that it boasts.  But, if you have some essential oils lying around, you can make your own hair perfume for practically nothing – and you can even mix different essential oils to make your own unique fragrance that will have your friends begging to know your secret.

All you need for DIY hair perfume is a spray bottle, distilled water, and a bottle of essential oil.  Fill your bottle with distilled water, which is much less harsh on your hair and blends better with the oils, then add  8-10 drops of an oil of your choice.  If you are familiar with essential oils, then you know the list of choices are endless.


You will most likely want to steer clear of something like Eucalyptus.  A good hair perfume usually is made up of more floral oils like Jasmine and Lavender.  You may also want to try a citrus and vanilla blend.  Peppermint oil also gives your hair a fresh and clean scent.  Once you get to the hang of it, you can mix and match different oils until you find the fragrance that fits you best.

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  • I like a good perfume. I will have to try this one out sometime.

  • I love the idea of hair perfume! I’ll have to try making some of my own.

  • I have never heard of hair perfume before. For folks with oily hair I wonder how the oils interact.

  • I haven’t heard of hair perfume. I seriously didn’t know it was a thing. I love using my essential oils for anything I can. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  • I would love to be able to create my own hair perfume scent. I can’t believe how easy it is to do and how cost efficient it is.

  • I had no idea there even was hair perfume. But it sounds like a lovely way to add another layer of gorgeous to your beauty routine.

  • Elizabeth O

    What a smart idea and a quick and easy way to refresh the hair. I’ve always wanted something to use on the hair after cooking up a storm in the kitchen and this would help a lot.

  • I’ve not heard of hair perfume before! I like the idea of making your own!

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