Alternative Ways to Cook a Turkey

Alternative Ways to Cook a TurkeyHave you ever dreamed of being a bit adventurous with the annual Thanksgiving turkey? If the idea of roasting your 20 pound bird in the same old silver pan, using the same old recipe, has left you uninspired this year, it’s time to break out of the rut and try one of these novel schemes!

You’ve probably had some fantastic smoked meats at your local barbecue joint, but have you ever thought about smoking your Thanksgiving turkey? This is the perfect alternative for barbecue lovers, especially if you already have a smoker in your backyard.


Smoking allows you to choose a flavor infusion by varying the type of wood chips you use. Sure, there’s the standard mesquite chip, but how about mixing it up with a blend of fruit chips as well? Apple and peach chips will add a slight sweetness to your bird, and mix up the flavor profile without altering it too drastically.

Have you heard of a turducken? A turducken is the ultimate meat lover’s way to go this Thanksgiving! It’s a duck stuffed with a chicken, which you then place into the turkey to slow roast. There won’t be room for the traditional bread stuffing, but with three kinds of meat, you’re sure to please the carnivores in your family!


If you want to try the latest turkey cooking fad, this could be the year for you to deep fry your bird! Deep fried turkey delivers a delectably crispy skin along with super moist meat. Plus, using a deep fryer in the backyard frees up lots of extra oven space for the green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, biscuits, etc.

This last alternative isn’t for everyone, but if you plan to be away from home this year, dehydrated turkey is the way to go! Seriously, all you campers and nature lovers, if you can’t cook, do the next best thing and use your dehydrator to make some take-along turkey. Hey, it’s better than a burger and fries for turkey day!

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