7 Ways to Teach Kids About Veterans Day

7 Ways to Teach Kids About Veterans Day

Veterans Day is the holiday in which we honor those who so bravely served in the military. It is a time to honor both military members who have served in the past, as well as military members who are active now. Since this isn’t typically a holiday that is about decorations or gifts, you might wonder how to not only explain it but celebrate it with kids. The good news is there are plenty of ways to teach kids about Veterans Day that are hands on and fun. Take a look below at 7 ways to teach kids about Veterans Day so you can be sure to acknowledge this important season together.

1. Talk about Veterans you know.

One activity is to talk about Veterans you know. Children may not realize they are surrounded by Veterans in their everyday life. Talk about who some of these people are and the role they played in becoming a Veteran.

2. Make a thankful list.

Veterans help us keep so many freedoms we enjoy each day. Make a list on a piece of poster board that shows what you are thankful for. Some ideas can be your freedom of speech, freedoms of choice, freedom to vote, and other ideas that come to mind. Display the list when done.


3. Make greeting cards for Veterans.

But a couple of greeting cards that thank Veterans for their service. If you don’t know a Veteran to give them to, you can take them to a local VA Hospital or nursing home and ask the staff to please distribute them. This is a wonderful hands on way for kids to actively say thank you on his important holiday.

4. Find Veterans Day children’s books to enjoy.

Head to your local library where there are many Veterans Day texts that are family friendly to choose from. One perfect example is H is for Honor by Devin Scillian, an alphabet picture book perfect for explaining what it is that our Veterans do!

5. Find local events and parades to attend.

Many cities put on parades and events to celebrate Veterans Day. Check your local newspaper to see if there are any parades or events in your town. If so, put on your patriotic gear and attend with your families. The kids will no doubt enjoy it and you are sure to meet some Veterans there.

6. Create care packages for soldiers and vets.

If you know of local vets staying at a VA hospital or nursing home, you can create care packages for them. Packages might includes personal care items, books, candy, and other treats. This is a small way to say thanks and let them know they are appreciated.


7. Interview a Veteran.

See if you can find a Veteran in your family or friends who will let you child interview them. This is a great way for your child to ask any questions she may have and find some answers from a real Veteran with experience.

This Veterans Day, try these 7 ways for celebrating Veterans Day with children and see how helpful they can be in spreading the message of what this holiday is all about.

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