5 Classic And Cheap Halloween Costumes For Adults

5 Classic And Cheap Halloween Costumes For AdultsHalloween is a time to go crazy and wild and show off your creativity. But, sometimes we just want a classic and simple costume. Sure when you take your kids out on Halloween night to go Trick-or-Treating, you can let loose. But, if you need a more simple and classic costume for a work party or adult party with your neighbors, then we can help you out. We put together a list of some of the most classic Halloween costumes to date, and you won’t break the bank on them either!


Witch costumes are tried and true when it comes to Halloween. The fun thing about witch costumes is that while they are basic and classic, they also can be versatile and personalized with accessories or make-up. Witch Halloween costumes will never grow old, and that’s what is great about them – you can wear them year after year. Check out this simple black and purple witch costume, it comes with a hat, and is under $30!


Every Halloween you are sure to see at least half a dozen pirates roaming the streets. Over the years, with Johnny Depp’s help of course, the pirate Halloween costume has earned itself a “classic ranking.” And like the witch Halloween costume, pirates are great because you can take a basic costume and personalize it with your own fun accessories. Pirates are like snowflakes, you will never find two identical ones on Halloween.


Ghosts are always a go-to Halloween costume for adults and kids. There is nothing more classic than Casper’s ghoulish cousin running around on October 31st. California Costumes Women’s Haunting Beauty is absolutely gorgeous, in a ghoulish kind of way. Who says that ghosts can’t be hot? And, it’s a total steal for less than $40!

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse will always be one of the most adorable cartoon characters to date. And, probably one of the most popular and iconic Halloween costumes to date. Interestingly, Minnie Mouse costumes are not as expensive as you would think. Plus, if you are looking for a an easy costume to wear to work that you don’t have to worry about tripping over any bells and whistles or trying to fit at your desk – Minnie Mouse is certainly the way to go. Throw on some face paint and adorable whiskers, and you can also wear it out at night with your kids when your shift is over!

Nurse or Doctor

One year we wound up at the emergency room on Halloween after a series of unfortunate events, and it was absolutely adorable to see the nurses running around wearing candy striper costumes and Halloween nurse costumes. The kids loved it! If you work in any medical field related office, and you guys are dressing up at work, the classic nurse costume is sure to be a hit! And, it’s also super cute to wear later that night if you have a party to go to, just switch up your sneakers for a pair of hot heels and throw on some make-up!

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