Tips And Tricks To Save Money On Your Kids’ Halloween Costumes This Year

Tips And Tricks To Save Money On Your Kids’ Halloween Costumes This Year Most of our wallets are still recovering from Back-To-School shopping, but before you know it your little ones are going to be begging you to take them shopping for a Halloween costume. Years ago, Halloween basically consisted of wearing your family members’ clothes and random items you find lying around the house, now it has turned into one of the most expensive holidays out there. If you are feeling a little bit of pressure and getting physically nauseous while you’re looking at costume prices, you are NOT alone. We put together a list of tips and tricks to help you save money on your kids’ Halloween costumes this year.

Make Your Own

Kids automatically cringe when you mention the idea of making their costume at home rather than buying one. But, making your Halloween costume does not necessarily mean throwing a sheet over your child and telling them that they are a ghost (and also the laughing stock of the neighborhood). There are TONS of websites and Pinterest pages dedicated to making costumes at home. Although some of them may be time-consuming, you will wind up saving a ton of money in the long run.

Mix And Match

Do you have A Halloween box? If not, you should start one, ASAP. In my house, when I was growing up, there was a Halloween box full of odds and ends from previous Halloween costumes and various plays and musicals at school. Every year my brother and I had a blast mixing and matching wigs, cloaks, and football jerseys, and creating “Zombie Football Players” and “Vampire Clowns.” We were thrilled, and my mom saved a lot of money on costumes.

Craigslist And Facebook

The problem with most Halloween costumes is your child will outgrow them by the next year, or refuse to be the same thing two years in a row. Go on some of the Facebook Yardsale groups or post an add on Craiglist, explain that you are looking for a costume for a boy or girl, and what size. Guaranteed you will get dozens of messages from people eager to unload a costume that their child no longer needs or its in to for very cheap, or possibly even free.

Check You Make-Up Bag

Before you head to the store and buy entire Halloween make-up kits, which you will probably throw away and never use again because they will be outdated by next Halloween, check your own make-up bag. Most of the items you need for your children’s face paint, you can find in your own bathroom. Need blood? Use that hideous red lipstick you bought on a whim and never worn? Do you have a little vampire? Use that ridiculously pail cover-up you bought and couldn’t use because it was three shades too light!


Do not let your children convince you they need to purchase a specific pair of shoes for their Halloween costume. Just because your son is being a ninja, does not mean you need to run out a buy black shoes. Or if your daughter is a clown, you don’t need to run out and buy red shoes. It will be dark, your kids will most likely run through wet grass and ruin the shoes anyways, and frankly you can just cut their shoes out of this year’s photos if need be.

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